Paralyzed muscles revived with brain signals.

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Paralyzed muscles revived with brain signals.

Truly amazing how quickly our medical technology and knowledge is advancing.

Article here.

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And God gets just a little

And God gets just a little smaller...

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This guy had his arms

This guy had his arms electrocuted and amputated so they took a nerve from his shoulder stump and implanted it on his chest muscle. Then he wears a bionic arm that reads that nerve impulse stimulation. As soon as he put the thing on, he could squeeze his hand by thinking about squeezing his hand.  He didn't have to relearn. FREAKY. The nerve didnt know that it was in his chest now. I guess they found out by switching nerves on frogs first.  I would have never thought of that. (I don't know why they just didn't tap it off his shoulder. I guess there's too much scarring there.)

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jcgadfly wrote:And God gets

jcgadfly wrote:
And God gets just a little smaller...

Surely he's in the negative already?