JT's Disbarment Transcripts

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JT's Disbarment Transcripts



This made my day... hell, this made my fuckin week

part of the transcripts from Jack Thompsons disbarment trail, he floored me... best satirist of all time.


*Foot notes*

Jack thompson is a christian zealot lawyer hell (heaven?) bent on single handedly destroying the video game industry in the name of god.

He's lost more lawsuits against the industry then all others combined -_-

He's been found guilty on 27 of 32(?) counts of proffesional misconduct in the court room, which is WHY he's in court right now. Fighting those charges.



I wont spoil whats on them, but i dare any one to try what ole Jack did...

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I'm glad that asshat got

I'm glad that asshat got disbarred. He's lucky he didn't get his ass thrown in jail for contempt.

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MattShizzle wrote:He's lucky

MattShizzle wrote:
He's lucky he didn't get his ass thrown in jail for contempt.

I'm sure the judge didn't care about contempt at that point - it was just about processing his ass out of ever being in a courtroom again. Contempt would have taken even more time out of the court's schedule.

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Jackie, Jackie, Jackie...

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie... please, say it ain't so?

Who are we going to so freely insult and make ten thousand dollar donations on behalf of now, with you being disbarred and all?


Can he still practice law in oter states? I know he's already been disbarred from Texas, but I assume there's still another, what, 48 states to go? I've actually grown a little fond of Tommy over the years. His tantrums in court have provided hours of entertainment, his ridiculous assertions hours of mental skeet shooting. His antics are hilariously absurd, and the only thing funnier than them is when someone dumps them over his head like an ice-cold bucket of water.

Keep goin' Jack! I'm rooting for you all the way!


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