the god delusion strikes again

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the god delusion strikes again,2933,341574,00.html


Yet in another set back for common sense, a 11 year old girl died because her parents believed in the power of prayer to cure her over the abilities and knowledge of a medical staff to diagnose and cure her. She basically died of diabetes, which if her parents had taken her to the doctor, he could have basically saved her. But no, they believe in god so strongly that they deluded themselves (this is my opinion at this point) into thinking that this imaginary deity would cure their daughter of her ailments and the mother still believes that her daughter could be resurrected if she prays and has enough faith....yes people if she has enough faith in an deity that has shown itself not to exist. Mark another one for the delusion of god. I say charge them with child abuse, endangerment and murder, because this idiotic belief in a god should not be a valid excuse for not having common sense.

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Not enough faith?!?!

NOT ENOUGH FAITH?!?!?! WHAT THE FUUUUUCK!!!!!! Do they live in the fucking medievel times?!?! News flash "parents" MEDICINE was invented couple centuries ago and horses were replaced by cars with wheels* another invention during the stone age.....


They shouldnt have kids!! Matter fact, these incompetent parents remind me of OUR own "father" figure GAWD, the dead beat invisible father who doesnt give a shit!! He should have kids either! Maybe its because he has 6 billion kids and NEVER had SEX!! Maybe thats why he hates sex so much, being virgin for an eternity, I dont blame him for the old testament stories, matter fact, hes even taking it pretty well!!

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There should be parenting

There should be parenting licenses, first test question for would be "Your son is dying from from a brain tumor, you A) Get him to a surgeon B) Summon your magical imaginary friends to take care of him"

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Kevin R Brown wrote:Well,

Kevin R Brown wrote:

Well, chalk one up for the good guys at least. Those guys have earned themselves some Autobot badges.

*pimpin Soundwave voice*

Autobots Inferior...

Decepticons Superior!



(wtf is an autobot badge?)

What Would Kharn Do?

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Disgusting parents

These types of parents always disgust me--eliminating the scientifically proven options that may help/save their children, instead using powerless prayers and 'faith' to 'help' the children.  The parents here needlessly caused the death of their children.  What is most disgusting is that if this was a cult (read: not christianity), they would receive the support that they likely will from the religious right, and would probably be prosecuted.,2933,341574,00.html