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I don't blog but should seeing as how I'm a writer by trade. Actually, I should be maintaining about 3 blogs: one here where I can post my atheist rants, one on my business website where I can post brilliant writing that will make people want to hire me (lol) and one for personal shit. Whatever.

I just bought 2 of the live streams for that atheist alliance convention. Wow, what a list of speakers. I'm really looking forward to it, though my wife is going to kill me for dropping the $70.

This Kent/Eric Hovind shit is hilarious. What losers. If they know as much about copyright law as they know about science, it might all boil down to an honest mistake. As if anything about those guys is honest.

We're in the middle of a huge controversy over funding of religious schools as part of the provincial election campaign here in Ontario. The Conservative leader, John Tory, has stated that if elected he wants to extend public funds to the several hundred "faith-based" religious schools operating in the province. About 50K students would be affected.

Needless to say, Tory's statement made my election decision a lot easier. And a lot of other people's - the early polls showed the Conservatives trailing the incumbent Liberals by 9 points, mostly because of a huge slide following that little pre-campaign gem. Tory threw some gas on the bonfire when he followed up about a week later by saying he didn't see any problem with creationism being taught in school. He quickly qualified that he wasn't talking about science class, but it was too late, his zealotry was exposed. Everyone in Ontario now knows that we are dealing with one of "them."

Wife just called, she's stuck in traffic and can't make it to take Katie to her doctor's appointment so I have to run.

Lazy is a word we use when someone isn't doing what we want them to do.
- Dr. Joy Brown