Erecting the 2009 Tree of Knowledge

I held an umbrella today over Margaret Downey as she put atheist book covers on the Tree of Knowledge.  A display outside of the West Chester County Courthouse in their Free Speech zone.  Here is a list of the books on the Tree of Knowledge.  Enjoy the video and photos.  


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What an age to live in as an

What an age to live in as an atheist. This video brought tears to my eyes. To think where our voice was in 01 to have multiple years of having a tree to combat the superstition of myth in such a public way, is nothing short of inspiring.

Of course I sound like a Hallmark card, but it really is true that every voice counts. I especially love the juxtaposition of the tree next to the nativity scene.

I think what would go well on the tree would not just be book covers, but quotes from the founders about questioning religious rule would be something hard for the public to ignore, especially the quotes of Jefferson who railed against pulpit politics, taboos and advocated the questioning of everything, including religion.

Put Jefferson's quote about Jesus being in the same category as Minerva being born out of the brain of Jupiter next to the Nativity scene. And "Question with boldness". I can't think of anything that could bitch slap myth better in this country than the quotes of the guy responsible for our First Amendment. Only a dumb ass would condemn Jefferson.

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Ooh how exciting!  I want

Ooh how exciting!  I want to put up a knowledge tree too!  How much does it cost to laminate something?

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Awww, a great idea, but it

Awww, a great idea, but it looks awkward with all those papers and flyers on it. Christmas trees are prettier. (hehe, don't hurt me.) 

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