"Crack the Lid" (song lyrics)

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Crack the Lid

In a Paleolithic camp, Neanderthals gather round
To put their beloved headman in the ground
They gather flowers, and the petals shower down
Pray to the spirits of ancestors, but the spirits never made a sound, cause

It was all superstition anyway,
It was all superstition like it is today, yeah hey

Now Pharaoh’s mummy lies beneath a mountain of stone
He goes to Paradise, but he won’t go alone
Cause he needs forty or fifty palace slaves to serve the throne
Compared to the soul of a king, what’s flesh and blood and bone, but


Now Socrates must drink the poison at the break of day
His lack of piety was leading the youth astray
He claimed that Zeus on Mount Olympus couldn’t hear them pray
So he had to be done away with, even though he never dared to say that


Round and around
Round and around
Round and around, and around

In the Middle Ages, curiosity was dead
People lived and killed and died by a book they’d never read
What someone else had told them someone else had said
And meanwhile heretics and martyrs burned and bled, and


And now we enter the so-called twenty-first century
Can we still be on our knees to invisible entities?
Can we still be living our lives by ancient fantasies?
On the day when we open our eyes, that’s the day when we will see that


Copyright 1996, Aaron Black

All of the faith and prayer in the world

All of your dumb show and circuses

You know it's a lie, it'll always be a lie

The invention of an animal who knows he's going to die

-Randy Newman