Chump Change

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I have family out in Colorado and they all want to vote for Obama; all the kids and the wife and my brother. See, my brother is in the research industry. He specializes in discovering new cures for viruses. He travels the world trying to find new compounds and has actually been a part of a team which found a medicine which almost completely stops AIDs dead in its tracks.

From what I was told, my brother said that during the Clinton era he and his team were doing very good. They had plenty of money from the government and they were making good results. Then when Bush took over, funding was slashed by 80%. My brother had to let go of almost his entire staff. Twenty two student researchers, fourteen full time staff and two lab techs. He also couldn't travel as much to go to conferences or meet with doctors from other countries. His research was nearly at a stand still.

Then when Obama came back in to office, it was a complete reversal. My brother said that he doubled his staff and was even able to bring on extra people so he didn't have to travel as much. He was able to make new advances with the medicines he was working on and pulled off the shelf several projects for other viruses. Things were good again.

He said that in Colorado the students know who to vote for and so do the parents of those kids. The staff know who to vote for and so do their families. The entire research community in Colorado know that Obama is the only choice.

(on a side note) - Colorado is one of those states where the people voted for medicinal marijuana.

So with that being said, I find it funny that the students started to use the term "Chump Change" for Romney's campaign. I think that it is ironic that this phrase came from the students of Colorado.

Ah... American know-how. Finally another state other than California which is progressive.


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