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what non gun supporters fear

You can Google the name Gregory Chad Wallin-Reed to understand my post.  There are too many articles concerning this case. 

But I think this case, while the extreme, is what I fear more than gun carrying drug pushing douches.

I know where those assholes are and I don't go in their neighborhood. They don't come in mine. 

It is these paranoid, gun holding, white, American Patriots who lie and cheat after shooting at people who,  while doing a stupid stunt, didn't deserve to be chased by the nut sack who I hope will serve the next 50 years behind bars.

My fear is that people like this will shoot me or my family just because their opinions differ from my own. 



Why are democrats asking me for money to do their job?

Quite a few #Republicans should be out of a job because of their negligence. I want to fight back. But I refuse to accept this idea from the DNC that a donation will do the job. Democrats don't need my money to do their job. They will get their paychecks tomorrow even when others will not. The democrats must learn how to respond to the dishonest tactics of Republicans better. When the Republicans say "the american people want this" someone needs to be there to say "actually polls show the american people don't want this."

You don't need my money to fight something that the Republicans promised to their base. The Republicans promised gleefully they would shut the government down as a tactic. They are getting what they want... the destruction of America so they can get their own sick twisted ideological goals based on a misinterpretation of a bronze age book and whoever is willing to give them the most money.


Here is how they asked for money:


Republicans killing America(ns)

On a scale of 1-10 how mad are you at the Republican party for holding us hostage, risking our credit rating, and trying to restrict us from affordable health care?  I am a 10.  It makes me sick that they are treating our fiscal health and literal health like a game.  Oh how ironic, I'm sick... I don't have health insurance!

Let the Republicans know you will not be voting for them in the future.  Here are some of their twitter feeds.


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Funerals: evidence from the human mind

I went to a funeral yesterday. It was a very sad experience and I cried when my friend got up to speak about her son.

He was her first born. He was twenty years old and just getting his life started.

I didn't know him. I had only met him a few times. He was a nice guy. Some one who you'd like to hang around because he was quiet and gentle.

Seeing how his passing had an effect on the two hundred and fifty people who showed up I suspect that my impressions of him were correct.

There was a lot of crying going on. A lot of sad people.


When loved-ones leave we are sad. I've seen in extreme cases, military people leave their families behind and there is a lot of crying. People don't like to see their most loved, most cherished friends and family leave.

In most cases they know that they will return eventually and they might think that, in cases of war, that they might not return.

Therefore the level of sadness/tears are more intense.


If a person dies, those people who loved and cherished them the most will cry. Their crying is very intense, which shows the level of their sadness.

They know, deep inside their mind, that this person is gone. They know that there is zero percent that they will return.

Over time, the further away we are away from that moment of death, the level of sadness/crying lessens. Over time it will, in almost all cases, stop completely.

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Constantine: The Series

I didn't hate this movie but it isn't one of my favorites. The main reason why I tolerated it was because it was more of a "mythical" story line (it came from the DC comic realm).

I'm not sure if they could make a series using the same storyline and make it good. So many shows today are ridiculous (see Agents of Shield) or (Falling Skies) for examples.

I just can't see a half hour show and if they don't make it an hour long it will totally fail after the first season. Either way, the subject matter might keep it afloat for more than four seasons.


A Christian friend made me feel like we've come a long way

I played golf today with my favorite Christian golfing partner.  I said something like "and if you think I'm a non-conformist with my atheism..."  and he cut me off and said "I don't think you're non-conforming, I see you like most other people.  Almost everyone is atheist now." The numbers don't necessarily back his claim, but his perception is that most people are atheist.  This certainly wouldn't have been the case in our discussions 10 years ago.  

We came to a point of agreement that the majority of Americans don't practice religion actively.  Maybe we're products of the sights and relationships we have in our liberal Philadelphia area.  I suppose our perception might be different if we lived in the bible belt.  Thankfully, we don't.  

It feels damn good to know I played a role in getting us this far.  Hopefully you have done enough to feel the same way.  


Do you use twitter? I sent a tweet out today about an RRS reunion.

 I sent a tweet out today asking people to retweet if you wanted to see Kelly, Rook, and I get together for some kind of RRS reunion.  Rook and Kelly retweeted it.  Jake and Rich Woods retweeted it.  None of you retweeted it.  So I assume most of you don't use twitter or don't check it.  I thought you might want me to bring it to your attention, so you can retweet it.  

Here is my new facebook account info

Facebook has figured out that "Sapient" isn't my real last name.  They have restricted access to my account and I can no longer do anything with it.  This includes managing the "page" I created for "Brian Sapient" and managing some of the facebook groups I formed related to atheism.  As a result I will not participate in Facebook as frequently from now on.  However I have created a new page for people to like that I will communicate on from time to time.  Please share this page to let others know it's the only profile I'm using on facebook now.

A better place to find me on social media is usually twitter:

I'm not a big google+ fan but I am on it:



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Suffer the little children, someone just shoot me.

Greetings, ungodly ones.  Your lovable pal is back.  Now, before you start standing in line waiting to suck me off or lick my face from being so happy to see me, let me get in a word edgewise. 


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jonah and the whale/big fish/whatever the fuck

still recovering from my vacation--six weeks back stateside, reconnecting with the fam.  the first two weeks were spent in naples, florida, with predictable debauchery.  let's just say when you're bobbing along peacefully on an anchored raft in the clear waters of the gulf of mexico with a tecate sweating in one hand and a fat maduro rothschild clamped between your teeth, you start to think about some stupid shit.  gloriously stupid shit.

my mind being on maritime matters, for obvious reasons, i pondered the story of jonah and the whale (that's right, i fucking said whale, get the fuck over it).  specifically, i pondered the smug response that invariably comes from the vast majority of christians whenever one calls the story by the name it's had for fucking centuries: "jonah and the whale."  the right corner of their mouth turns up, their eyes squint ironically, a quick explosion of air issues from their nostrils, and, in a superior tone only a high-level trekkie confronted with a casual sci-fi fan could approximate, they deliver what apparently is some kind of fucking bombshell in their world: "aaaactually, the bible says big fish."

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