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The Pledge and the Star Spangled Banner

I did not put my hand over my heart during the pledge of allegiance this past celebration. I did not put my hand over my heart during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. For this I was given glaring stares and reprimanded by others.

My reply was, "I've already taken the pledge several thousand times before and during my life in the military. I do not need to continue to randomly take the pledge over and over and over again. I've already proved that I'm an American and I'm a patriot (even though often cynical to the politics involved)."

"I do not and I am not required to put my hand over my heart while singing the Star Spangled Banner. It is optional and it is suggested that you do so and also face the flag or the music if no flag is present. If I were in the military you bet I would do so, especially if I were in uniform. But since I am neither in the military nor am I in uniform I choose not to do so."

Now I know I'm being picky here. It is purely an issue with the words used in the 36 US Code 301 which states specifically the word 'should' ranther than say 'required' or 'must'.

I present the following article as support for my view.

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The Flock

A new game is starting to make the rounds in the media, and it is unique.

The first interesting thing to note is that once a sufficient number of players has been killed, the game ceases to exist. The concept has never been attempted before, and it will be interesting to see how it pans out. I could write a whole article on this concept alone. The one thing I will predict is that if the game becomes a hit, someone won't let it die.

The gameplay is also unique. The world is inhabited by The Flock, monstrous hunting creatures (you). The objective is to acquire the light artifact. Acquiring the light artifact, however, is only the beginning. The beam of light will destroy any Flock that moves, but it makes you slow and easy to find. It makes you the prey.

I'd be very interested in giving this game a try. It sounds fun. And freaky, like Doom was back in 1994. Only worse, because it's people hunting you. Not an easily confused AI that knows as much about strategy as a rock.

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Confederate flag

I've about had enough of all this Confederate flag bs.

Ever hear of freedom of speech? I don't care what flag someone wants to fly, I say let them. Let them fly the Nazi flag if they want to. Every minute the politicians waste on this should see them locked up for a year for wasting taxpayer money.

Does it have ties to racism? Sure. So do a lot of other flags. Like the US flag, which was waved around while committing genocide. Like the Union Jack, which was a symbol of oppression for hundreds of years. I doubt there's ever been a flag that wasn't stained with blood.

There's more important issues than a bloody piece of cloth. Education has gone to hell, infrastructure is crumbling, there's at least two dozen wars going on right now, schools get shot up every few months, and Russia and the US are chest beating like it was still 1970. Shut up about the damn flag and let people fly it if they want to. There's more important things to deal with.

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BBCC Day 5

Nooooooo,  fuck shit cocksucker!

I wasn't paying attention and fully opened the lid of the white pepper shaker instead of just opening that top part with the little holes in it and accidentally dumped way too much white pepper onto my fried rice. Omg, it ended up being a sucess too...............except that it's got so much white pepper in it now that it's fucking spicy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's a white pepper spicy, which means that it tastes weird now. 


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BBCC Day 1

Welcome to the first day of Butterbattle's Cooking Corner! (or BBCC for short)

Since this is the first day, I've got to make something ridiculously simple so no one has to call the fire department. I'm asian, so I guess we'll start with some white rice. If I can't cook white rice with stir fried stuff, I might as well lose my asian card.

Yay. I hope I put the right amount of water in there.

When I was a little kid (5 or 6), I remember that I loved stir fried eggs and tomatoes. The juice from the tomatoes gave the eggs a subtle sweet flavor that I liked. Plus, it was so easy that my mom could cook it without messing it up. So, let's go with that.

I think I did pretty good job cutting the tomatoes. Although, I didn't keep the pieces together, so when I tried to cut it the other way, there was a bit of struggle. 

And that's that......except, having only white rice and eggs and tomatoes feels bland somehow. Soooooooo

Turkey bacon! It's not a full meal until I've murdered an animal after all.

I just bought vegetable oil. I have a vague concept of some health conscious people in the back of head telling me I should've gotten the expensive olive oil, but....whatever.

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Butterbattle's Cooking Corner!

Well now.....this feels very awkward. How do I even begin this post? 

Um, so as you all know, I'm butterbattle (pst, not my real name).

I love food: sushi, curry, pork ribs, McDonald's, squid ink pasta, blood pudding, fried crickets, anything and everything. I like to think that I have an extremely wide palate and have eaten far more types of food in far more countries than my fair share. However, even though I love food, I don't know how to cook, which is a sad sad thing. I have identified two main reasons for this. 1) My parents never taught me how to cook. When I was younger, I felt bad that I never learned enough from my parents. As I got older though, I realized that they never made much of an effort to teach me things. Also, I gradually discovered that my mom is actually pretty shitty at cooking.  2) I've never had my own kitchen as an adult. I'm in the military, and I've been mostly living in the barracks up to this point.

But, a few weeks ago, I moved into my own apartment, and, for the first time ever, I have my own kitchen and a comfortable paycheck. Ergo, no more excuses; I can't just blame shit on my parents. I'm going to start cooking.

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If there were a hell, I'll see you there. Apparently I'll be its janitor.


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Bible Studies from an Asshole: The Complete Failure of Christianity

It took me long enough, but I finally got the book published. Bible Studies from an Asshole isn't another atheist book that ridicules religion for wrecking the world. Instead it gives an emic view of Christianity from intensely deep studies of its passages, and then shows how they have completely failed in fulfilling them.

On a personal level, yes, but I mean on the level of Christianity's political intention. People don't realize that Christianity formed to unite people to destroy the empire of Rome in the same way that the Occupy Movement did to fight against Wall Street. And yet it failed at this, which is the reason why not one single thing from the prophecies of doom will ever come to pass. I prove they were talking about their own times, and that they failed in their goals. And that the failure continued into our very day.

I reveal what the "Original Sin" actually is, and how Christianity has spread it upon the earth like jelly. I reveal who the four horsemen actually are, and how we've had so many more horsemen since then. I reveal what the "Mark of the Beast" actually is, and laugh about how every single one of us has actually had it all our lives. Turns out, it's not really all that bad. Nobody I know would give it up anyway.

But mostly, I reveal how rather than bringing us the Kingdom of God, they've reduced that Kingdom into smoldering ashes. Sorry folks, but while the gospel is "good news," I have the bad news. The Kingdom of God is dead. Christianity fucked up and killed it. 

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The Myth of Christian Morality Revisited

There is a reason I at times characterize Christians as, well, Nuts.

I mean aside from the whole belief in someone Rising from the Dead [cue 'Dark Shadows' style organ rift...]. But a kind of built in, deep seated neurosis based on opposing concurrent beliefs.

They hold the concept of "Original Sin", in which we are all BORN vile, evil and totally deserving burning for eternity, or at the least, for those liberal christers who don't read or don't agree with the bible, an unavoidable inborn predilection for being naughty. The bible says that 'none are righteous, no, not one" and that all our righteousness is as "filthy rags" (that would be the rags used to wipe ones ass) In other words, all our attempts at BEING good are shit.

Now couple this esteem lowering bit of self loathing with the incredible Egotism and Narcissism of those who think the Universe and everything in it was made Just For Them. And the cool part is, they believe by following a prescribed ritual of debasement, atonement and general celestial ass kissing, they are due a Golden Ticket to ETERNAL bliss, happiness and a type of Mind Wipe that precludes any possibility of guilt or regret over past actions.

This part is where I point out the LACK of anything resembling a 'moral compass' being involved. One does not have to be good, in fact, as pointed out, one can not BE good enough to get in the gate. One must perform the mandatory ass kissing, which in and of itself is the sum total of Christian Morality.

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