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Bible Thumpers

Just had a visit from the bible thumpers... the entire community is crawling with them. About 20 of them outside walking up and down the street!

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Top Ten Lists from ThinkingAtheist

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My response video for 5:30 who posted the "elliott argument"

I have posted this video as a video response to one of the silliest, most ignorant claims I have ever seen on the web.


Feel free to comment your opinions on the video.

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Feedback requested

In the last month, I've suddenly been told that I have an "epic voice", or something along those lines. I've been trying to figure two things out. The first is whether or not it's true, the second being what to do about it if so.
Obviously I can't ask people their views on my voice without a sound bite, which I'm currently too lazy to assemble (in part because I'm not sure I believe it yet).
But I can ask for some advice/input on where to go with it if it pans out.
I put a bit of thought into making vlogs, but I'm not sure I'd be able to create enough content to satisfy consumers on a continuing basis.
I thought of maybe doing commentary ala Day [9] and see where that goes (if you don't know who that is no problem, he's a former pro gamer that focuses significantly on StarCraft 2, with strategies and heavy insight, you can easily find him on youtube).
It dawned on me that perhaps if it is a great voice that maybe I could donate its use to the RRS whenever it may be useful.

Honestly, I'd never put any...

Rush Limbaugh supporters make me rant...

 Christians don't want their money going to contraception yet they wont fight to remove "In God We Trust" from the money that atheists must use. They wont ensure that atheists don't have to give their tax dollars to faith based spending groups. It doesn't even dawn on them that atheists might be offended at the notion that our tax dollars go to a faith based group.

They are out for self. They don't truly embrace their fellow man. They tend to be pro war, and pro death penalty. They are against YOU having an abortion even if you know you will not be able to provide a good life for your baby. They want you to have that baby even if it is the product of a rape. The money that you put into the pool to save their life is willingly accepted by them, the money that you might need to save your life is fought tooth and nail by them. About 20% of people are on contraception for health reasons not related to purposes of avoiding a pregnancy. They don't care.

Engaging in the Rush Limbaugh debate over the last few days shows me that many people support what he said. In fact they're more mad that he apologized than they are that he made dishonest arguments in a vile fashion. How many of the Rush Limbaugh supporters are disgusted at Rush and his perverted idea that he should be allowed to watch video of women having sex because they need contraception?

Theory of inherent dishonesty in theism

The theory of inherent dishonesty in theism can be seen whenever a theist defends belief in god.  The theory explains that while defending belief in god a theist must act ignorant dishonest or both.  

There has never been an honest and intelligent defense of theism.  This theory has been observed in every atheist/theist debate since the theory was originally coined around the year 2000.  This page will be updated if an argument arises on behalf of theism that is both honest and based on factual data.  If you think you've found an argument defending belief in god that is neither ignorant or dishonest please submit it via the contact form.

Please link to this page when referring to the theory of inherent dishonest in theism.




NBA players boycott viewers, we should boycott them.

When the NBA players went on strike and missed a portion of the 2011-2012 NBA season, I knew what I had to do.  But it's been hard.  My team (Sixers) are playing great, I would watch those games.  The NBA is full of excitement like Jeremy Lin breaking records and barriers.  The Thunder have young talent, the Heat are awesome to watch, and think of all the rooting against the Lakers I am missing out on.  The desire to watch is overwhelming me, yet my integrity and character instruct me to avoid these players who are out of touch. 
I tuned into a few NBA games, for a moment or two and every time I do I am overwhelmed by feelings of disgust as I watch these greedy self destructive men.  I still can't get over the fact that they insisted on 3% more in this type of economy (NBA Lockout 2011).  I can't get over that most of them came from nothing, that most of them know how important the game is to the communities they came from, and how they fought all their lives to play a game for a living, and refused to play it over a very small amount of money.  I can't get over the fact that they knew if they didn't play, and that if they took games away from the season they would end up with a smaller pool of money.  I can't get over their greed.  I can't get over their lack of humanity when they forced thousands of stadium employees out of work and to the unemployment line in this trying time.

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The Latest Food Creation.

Everyone here loves bacon, I'm sure.  If you don't, you're not human and must be destroyed immediately (unless you're Muslim, Islamic or Jewish; you just have to be shown the error of your ways, in that case).  Bacon is one of those foods that goes well with pretty much anything; ice cream, waffles, donuts, cupcakes, chips, toothpaste...ok, maybe not toothpaste, but it still exists.  There is a bacon craze in this nation so bad that everyone is experimenting with new ways to infuse it with their favorite foods; some are a good idea, but most aren't.  Hence, the latest concoction to try and monopolize on the idea brought to you by a staple that needs no introduction in the fast food industry; Jack-In-The-Box.


I was a little surprised that JITB made the first move regarding this tasty breakfast treat because they aren't really known for doing something this crazy; we leave that to the likes of McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell.  Of course, they have threw me for a loop before with their "Jumbaco" campaign in late 2011 (two tacos in between a Jumbo Jack; was swiftly nixed) and their disturbingly good pumpkin pie shake AKA sugar coma on steroids.  Once more, they are shaking things up, and I mean that both ways, with the all new "bacon shake."


Conflict among groundhogs, humans and myth.

 Groundhogs around the world are in an uproar as conflicting nonsense reports are issued by humans who pretend to believe that a Groundhog can predict seasons. (do they actually believe this shit?)  The original groundhog (Phil) indicates 6 more weeks to winter.  But some copy hogs don't agree. 


According to folklore, Phil’s sighting of his own shadow means there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Had Phil not seen his shadow, it would have meant “there will be an early spring.”



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Banking woes...

Thanks to a fraudulently cashed $3000 check, I had to close a checking account and open a new one. So, my weekend was a little bit stressed. However, I got it all taken care of, and ordered some checks with the 'Mystery Machine' on them. 


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