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The Haters: Volume Six: William Dembski

William A. Dembski was born July 18, 1960 to William and Ursula Dembski.  He showed a great deal of promise in his youth, finishing high school (an all male Catholic Prep School) a year early. On entering the University of Chicago, he ran into a wall both academically and personally, dropping out to work in his mother’s art business. It’s said that during this down period, he became fascinated with the Bible and Creationism.

Dembski eventually returned to school, garnering an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Masters Degrees in Statistics, Mathematics and Philosophy as well as Doctorates in Philosophy and Mathematics.

He went on to acquire a Master of Divinity in theology at the Princeton Theological Seminary. It was at the Seminary that Dembski was involved with the Charles Hodge Society, named for one of the founding fathers of the University, an arch conservative Calvinist and slave owner famed for his scathing criticism of Darwin and who is credited as the inspiration for modern fundamentalism. The society while Dembski was associated with it, worked to counter the ‘free swinging academic style’ and the ‘theological disarray’ of the Seminary. They also managed to be sued twice, facing everything from accusations of racism and sexism to threat s of funding cuts and curtailed academic careers. There were also rumored threats of a good old fashioned Christian ass kicking.  Oh, those wacky Seminarians…  


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Atheists rule the internet!

 Check out this video by Cult of Dusty in which he tears religion apart.  He talks about the inevitable end of Christianity and how the internet has caused religion to become a mocked and laughable idea.  The internet has made it possible to look religion up on a google search and find out that it is full of lies.  The internet has shown that atheism is the only logical position, and that using logic is a powerful weapon.

Cult of Dusty comes across like a cross between Christopher Hitchens, Penn Jillette, and George Carlin...


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New Year's Peeve.

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I find the entire ritual behind getting all hyped up about a new year INCREDIBLY pretentious in every regard.  Maybe it's because I'm getting older and the more I learn and absorb, the more I see how retarded these meaningless celebrations are and why they don't contribute to anything except waste and potential trouble.  Every single New Year's Eve party I've ever been to has ended up with dumb asses puking all over the place, drunk morons, fights, horrendous music, ugly bitches hanging all over me and terrible drinks.  Not only that, but the next day, you read about all the dip shits that died driving home drunk, the fools arrested at checkpoints, people getting shot by stray bullets from guns others fire up in the air or random acts of "celebration" which is just another way of saying "arson, rape, manslaughter or defacing property."


Now, most would just be saying "well, you're just sore about not being invited anywhere because you're a curmudgeon and no one likes you."  I'm realistic first of all and second, I was invited to Las Vegas for New Year's this time around with a group of about seven people; some I know and some I barely know.  I came very close to packing my bags, but ended up not going for a few reasons.


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The Haters: Volume Five: The American Family Association

Donald E. Wildmon
Born Jan 18, 1938 in Dumas Mississippi
Education: Graduated 1960 from Milsaps College, spent two years in the US Army (1961-1963), he then earned a Masters in Divinity from Emory University's Candler School of Theology in 1965.
He worked as an Ordained Minister of the United Methodist Church from 1964 until 1977

In 1977, Wildmon moved his family to Tupelo Mississippi to fulfil his dream of foisting his narrow version of blue nose morality on the public at large. To this end, he founded the National Federation for Decency.

His first target was Sears, for sponsoring Charlie’s Angels, Three’s Company and All in the Family. Sears withdrew its sponsorship for the first two.

Is this a man motivated by a desire for a return to morality and family values, or is there another agenda?

Let’s let him speak for himself;

"Hollywood and the theater world is heavily influenced by Jewish people."

And he has consistently expressed his belief that there is a conspiracy among television network executives and advertisers which amounts to

"… a genuine hostility towards Christians and the Christian faith. This anti-Christian programming is intentional and by design."

Others have said;

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Aftermath: ten potent reasons to hate Christmas/giftmas/xmas/etc...

  1. You(I) are an introvert
  2. You(I) are coerced OR outright forced to deal with relatives you'd rather have little to do with
  3. You don't care for these pointless, highly kitsch "cards" you receive and are expected to give a shit about
  4. Don't care for the trinkets people give you that you are expected to give a shit about
  5. You have something much more fun and rewarding to do with your time
  6. You'd rather NOT have a winter holiday locally as opposed to... say, in Calgary or Bahamas
  7. You don't like how commercialized many holidays like giftmas have become
  8. You don't care for how disingenuous/facade-like "family friendly" holidays like giftmas have become
  9. You don't need the stress of travel arrangements, gift ideas, contacting long distance relatives, finding a convenient spot to gather at, work parties, and the like
  10. BAH HUMBUG! (all of the above)

There ya have it folks, my top 10 reasons why I tire of such "holidays" meant to somehow promote "(Christian) charity and good will towards men"... from my PoV, they do the exact opposite.

I'm sure the same is, at least, partially true of most of the people posting to RRS. Yea? Nea? And (most importantly) why? Respond here!

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Funny morning.

Roommates are off with family, I have the place to myself. Woken up hearing someone moving in the room beside mine. Grab weapon, jump up, and then decided I didn't want to massacre an intruder with bed hair, and grabbed my hair brush.

Turned out to be the cat anyway.

Time to get a coffee. Day that starts this way must be prepared for.

RRS wrote:
You Have Been A Member For 5 years 12 hours

Well what do ya know. It's already been 5 years since I found the RRS. Good times.

Vastet originally wrote:
Found this site after reading an interesting opinion article by Sam Harris at Not yet sure just how active a forumer I'll be here, but we'll see. I take things to a level beyond most, in that I deny the possibility of, not just the existance of, a supreme being of any intellect whatsoever. So I'm sure I'll be in good company here.

Was a little excited to find an atheist forum, so I wasn't concerning myself with details like logic at the time. lol.

Glad I stuck around though. Laughing out loud

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Merry Christ My Ass!

Jesus was simply a copy of other gods before him. If you accept the bible as true then you'd believe Jesus was born in the spring months. There is not enough historical proof of Jesus Christ in order to warrant belief in him. There isn't a single source or witness of his life that wrote about him within 30 years of his death. If he did exist, he was nothing more than an ordinary man, who might have been a narcissistic pot head. He probably didn't exist. And if that idea has you shaking your head in disbelief then you need to do more research. Do it.

Because of how similar his story is to other myths before him it leads one to believe that he likely was just another figment of our imagination. The feast and gathering that Christians enjoy on December 25th is a tradition based on a gathering celebrated by Pagans called Saturnalia. Today it makes more sense to celebrate a Winter Solstice, in which we gather with family and friends, enjoy the last harvest of the year, and unwind together as we prepare for a new season.

Please share this message of reality. Clarity and education is the best gift you can give on this day full of sharing.  

The God Who Wasn't There Movie on

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The Haters: Volume Four, Kent Hovind

Stand up comedian Kent Hovind is the Ed Wood of the creationist camp. Wood was known for his utterly sincere efforts at film making which gave us some of the worst cinematic moments of all time. Hovind is equally well known for his laughable and simpleminded notions about geology, biology, palaeontology, cosmology and of course, the US Tax Code.


Hovind is an embarrassment to the creationists, a crowd not known for being all that rational themselves. His ‘theories’ are a shining example of self refuting clap trap, and are used on the creationist site “Answers in Genesis” as an example of arguments creationists should NEVER use.

Like Ed Wood, Hovind has built a cult of personality around himself, a mythology in which he is the heroic, martyred protagonist tilting at the windmills of science, government and society itself.

He was born Kent E. Hovind in 1953. I can find no information on his parents. Hovind claims that he became a ‘born again’ Christian in 1969 at the age of 16. He did graduate from East Peoria Community High School. He then spent two years at Midwestern Baptist College where he obtained a “Bachelor of Religious Education”. Note that the school is NOT accredited, so his first claimed ‘degree’ is to be blunt, fake.

(According to the US Department of Education, unaccredited degrees and credits might not be acceptable to employers or other institutions, and use of degree titles may be restricted or illegal in some jurisdictions.)

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The Haters: Volume Three, James Dobson

Dobson was born to Myrtle and Traveling Evangelist, James Dobson Sr. in Shreveport, Louisiana on April 21, 1936. He is the son, grandson, and great-grandson of Church of the Nazarene ministers.
Education: He attended Pasadena College (now Point Loma Nazarene University) In 1967, Dobson received his doctorate in psychology from the University of Southern California and served in the faculty of the university's Keck School of Medicine for 14 years.


Dobson has been called one of the most influential evangelical leader and spokesman for conservative social positions in the country. He displays a Machiavellian ability to manipulate the political process, relishing his role as ‘king maker’.

Slate Magazine said

"Forget Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, who in their dotage have marginalized themselves with gaffes... Dobson is now America's most influential evangelical leader, with a following reportedly greater than that of either Falwell or Robertson at his peak... Dobson may have delivered Bush his victories in Ohio and Florida."

Dobson entered the national consciousness in 1970 with his book “Dare to Discipline.” Which advocated a Skinnerian approach to child rearing tied to an evangelical Christian perspective. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” being the key concept.

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The New New Rules.

I was at Costco the other day and I was checking out the latest in new releases ranging from "Baby Momma: The Reason My Womb is Now Barren" and "Dictators: Dead and Loving It" when I came across a new book by Bill Maher.  Imagine my surprise to see not only his first book in about six years, but a book that didn't reflect the backwoods region I currently reside in; ignorant, illiterate and pregnant. 


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