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The Latest Food Creation.

Everyone here loves bacon, I'm sure.  If you don't, you're not human and must be destroyed immediately (unless you're Muslim, Islamic or Jewish; you just have to be shown the error of your ways, in that case).  Bacon is one of those foods that goes well with pretty much anything; ice cream, waffles, donuts, cupcakes, chips, toothpaste...ok, maybe not toothpaste, but it still exists.  There is a bacon craze in this nation so bad that everyone is experimenting with new ways to infuse it with their favorite foods; some are a good idea, but most aren't.  Hence, the latest concoction to try and monopolize on the idea brought to you by a staple that needs no introduction in the fast food industry; Jack-In-The-Box.


I was a little surprised that JITB made the first move regarding this tasty breakfast treat because they aren't really known for doing something this crazy; we leave that to the likes of McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell.  Of course, they have threw me for a loop before with their "Jumbaco" campaign in late 2011 (two tacos in between a Jumbo Jack; was swiftly nixed) and their disturbingly good pumpkin pie shake AKA sugar coma on steroids.  Once more, they are shaking things up, and I mean that both ways, with the all new "bacon shake."


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Conflict among groundhogs, humans and myth.

 Groundhogs around the world are in an uproar as conflicting nonsense reports are issued by humans who pretend to believe that a Groundhog can predict seasons. (do they actually believe this shit?)  The original groundhog (Phil) indicates 6 more weeks to winter.  But some copy hogs don't agree. 


According to folklore, Phil’s sighting of his own shadow means there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Had Phil not seen his shadow, it would have meant “there will be an early spring.”



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Banking woes...

Thanks to a fraudulently cashed $3000 check, I had to close a checking account and open a new one. So, my weekend was a little bit stressed. However, I got it all taken care of, and ordered some checks with the 'Mystery Machine' on them. 


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Church Going.

These days, I've been pretty out of it and my writer's block has really escalated lately.  The only thing really keeping my sanity in check is music, it seems.  I'm not smoking weed anymore due to personal reasons that I won't go into, but I think I'm beginning to feel the effects of not indulging.  Not withdrawals or anything like that, but you notice a mind shift that happens after you stop and it becomes more and more gradual the more you discontinue use.  I have so much stress and confusion swirling around in my head that I can barely see straight.  In a nutshell, the future looks very uncertain for me right now and it terrifies me.  Hey, most people don't have the courage to admit that. 


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New titles (to me, at least)

While I still have two Hitchens books I need to tackle ('Love, Poverty and War' and 'Hitch22') I received three more books that I had ordered this week. These include Hitchens' 'Letters to a Young Contrarian,' Ayaan Hirsi Ali's 'Nomad,' and 'What's God Got to Do With It?: Robert Ingersoll on Free Thought Honest Talk & the Seperation of Church & State.' 
The questions remain - which will I tackle first? and How long will it take for me to get around to it? 

Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on any of these books? 


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(probably) Final blog entry: Borat Movie Soundtrack sale

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Like this new logo?

 I've been working with a friend on a logo for the new website.  I've done tons of tweaking on this and really like where it's at.  I would like to know you're thoughts.  It might be more appropriate to refer to this as a header design for the site.




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Recovering nicely

While I am staying at my sister's house, and I do get headaches putting up with her, I am recovering nicely. 

I am going out tomorrow for lunch with several old friends, and had dinner with another last night. 

The thing I am waiting for is for my "patient advocate" - i.e., my sister - to find a cardiopulmonary rehab that accepts my insurance and is close enough for her to drive me back and forth. According to her, it is likely to be 3 sessions per week for 10 weeks. I will need to stay at her house until it is all over. This doesn't exactly make me very cheerful, but I can't really see that I have much choice in the matter. 

In other news, I got a new laptop and a new cellphone, so I have been having fun getting them all set up t my liking. 

Next thing is to start participating in some atheist forum other than facebook. 

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The Haters: Volume Eight, Joseph Smith, Chapter 1

The early 1800’s were a time of religious upheaval in the fledgling United States, a time known as the Second Great Awakening that gave birth to a host of schisms, sects and whole new churches. The Baptists and the Methodist had a heyday, and even the staid Presbyterians and Anglicans saw their numbers swell.  

Anticipating the second coming, Advent churches arose, such as the Advent Christians and the Seventh Day Adventists. It was into this swirl of Christian primitivism mixed with the folk lore and superstitions of the country folk that Joseph Smith Jr. was born.

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SOPA and PIPA bills affect RRS writers and readers

Rational Response Squad website and affiliate sites are in a black out on Jan 18 to draw attention to SOPA and PIPA which threatens our existence...

Have you noticed how some of our members like to cut and paste news articles for discussion on our forum?  Did you know that in many cases you're not supposed to do that?  Did you know that it's not always easy to tell if you can or can't because of tough to understand copyright rules and potential for fair use treatment since the post is being used for critique, parody, or criticism?  What do you think would happen if corporations and the government worked together to control the copyright problems on the internet?  

For the last few years some companies have been fighting for a bill that protects against online piracy.  They pushed for a bill to come along that they could support.  Many of those same people today are leading the charge against SOPA and PIPA which go too far, give the government too much control, put too much fear into the webmaster, and should put fear into everyone talking about anything on the internet. These rules would stifle internet development.  The next big thing will not happen, it'll cost too much in legal fees for the start up.  Only mega-corps will stand a chance at innovation.  

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