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Corporations will drive our future.

I've been reading all the stuff on space exploration these days, and thinking about it hit me: it's now too late to bring socialism to the population en mass. Through any tactic or strategy.
The future of our species, should we keep going for another 50 years or so, will be driven by corporations. For good or ill.

The future as I see it:
For the next decade or two, it will remain the governments of nations with space programmes who drive space exploration. But the corporations have already struck their foothold, and with every passing year they will invest more and more until they surpass the funding of NASA, CSA, ESA, etc. combined.

Whether it is a nation or corporation which first colonises Mars, the end result will likely mirror the founding of the new world, and a conflict will break out over taxation or supplies or something similar. Maybe multiple wars. And maybe just political awkwardness, but some kind of conflict.
It will be around this time that corporations and governments have been going into

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Always photo copy your tickets

I haven't done a lotto pool at work in a long time, but when we did, I always stressed that tickets bought should be photocopied and then email to each of the parties involved.

Based on this article it sound suspicious that this lady purchased all the tickets at once, then claims that the ticket that one was not part of the work pool but personal.

It appears some very angry people are not on speaking terms now.


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Bud isn't beer

I'm not much of a drinker any more, but I do enjoy a really good beer once in a while.

About 20 years ago I stopped drinking most major US labels because they all taste like water. Beers, ales and lagers from around the world have spoiled me because they brew quality rather than quantity.

Now we have this article which shows a lawsuit again Budweiser which was accused of watering down their product.

I suspect many Americans won't care. They are mindless sheep who follow iconic big breasted women, dogs and funny commercials to determine what beer they drink.


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A History of US Economic Law Part 10: The Pujo Committee



It has been awhile since I put this project on pause. For those who were not around when I started, this series is in response to claims made by numerous people that the Great Depression was caused by laissez-faire capitalism. My sole goal is to demonstrate that the economic conditions prior to the depression were not laissez-faire. In fact, during the 40 years leading up to the Great Depression the federal government was taking an increasingly large role in our economic system. The approach I am using is to simply summarize every major economic law passed from the year 1890 through the Great Depression and provide a little bit of background information. I am attempting to keep my personal biases out of it and simply stick to the facts of what was passed and to the extent I am able to provide quotes from people of that time period. Of course, I am biased and have strong opinions about all of these laws so I encourage anyone interested to follow the links and do some research for themselves. I think this is a period of history that many people don't really know a lot about and I believe it is better to know than to remain ignorant. 




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Morning thoughts - #1

Any thing that does not exist, can't be proved or disproved.

Faith in that which can not be proved or disproved is a falsehood.

All religions require faith, there fore are based on that which does not exist.





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Super Bowl XLVII = Boring

I know there will be others that disagree with me, but I haven't been this bored with a Super Bowl since <pick any> the Buffalo Bills lost four in a row during the early 90's.

While some will say the game was exciting when it came down to the final minutes of the final drive, I for one dislike the poor calls from the referees. Blatantly obvious missed calls which at this level of the game should never happen.

I would have preferred to see the game tied up leaving it up to the kickers and even sending it in to overtime; that would have a lot more exciting to me.

I will forget this Super Bowl in a few years, unable to remember who played in it or what the score might have been.




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Good bye friend

I got a call from your wife today. At first I thought it was you letting me know you were out of the hospital, but when I found it was her calling I knew the worst had happened.

I tried to contact you when I heard you were in the hospital, but they didnt have you on the list. I thought you had gotten better and gone home. I figured that I would get to see you again, sitting on your back porch, trimming bonsai and complaining about Obama. Ha-ha!

I got busy with work as we all seem to do and the moment to talk to you one last time slipped away. Those moments slipped away several times over the last eight days and I didn't know how bad things were. I think you knew then the cancer had won the last time I saw you, but you didnt say anything. I think you didnt want a long sappy good bye.

It's strange really. I've only known you for a few years but it feels like Ive known you for longer. Knowing you are gone now seems to have hit me harder than when my grandmother died, which is the strange part. Maybe it was because I still had so much to learn from you. You were a master of your art and every time I hung out at your house I learned something new about bonsai.

What was it you were trying to tell me before you left? I am tearing myself up inside thinking that you had one last lesson for me, but I was too damn busy to put a little more effort in contacting you. So many other things I wanted to say to you. So many thoughts and so few words.

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Subway Trains

After three deaths in New York with people falling on the tracks it makes me wonder why engineers can't come up with a bunch of sensors which will slow and stop the oncoming train. I mean serious? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that sensors in the landing area would detect movement then send a signal to the train telling it to slow down. Then as they train comes in to the station, sensors on the front of the train would stop it completely if a person or object was detected.


I thought this was such a good idea I sent off an email tot he Mayor's office of NYC and I got a typical response back "thanks, we will take it under advisement".



Want to do a good deed, help an atheist in financial need ($375)

 I understand that many of us are struggling but I was touched by a story and request for help posted tonight by Terence Weyenberg.

His car was about to be repossessed and he asked for immediate help to pay the bill to avoid it.  He received a loan from a friend but had to deplete the last $200 he had and has no cash on hand for luxuries like food.  I know we're a skeptical bunch, but I think it's legit, and maybe a few of you will want to throw $5-10 his way to buy him a meal.  Just a good deed for the day, a few dollars to a freethinking brother who could use a hand up.  



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Toy Story: Live remake (amazing work)

Hope is not lost on the younger generation...



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