i would like to call the majority of you people one this site hypocrites, here u are denieing any all gods and religions saying that peop.le need to stop following religion and "think freely", but if none of these religions are true, then that means someone mustve taken the time to think for themselves and create them, and others decided to follow that free thinker, just as you people are trying others to follow your "free thinking" and get them to denie everything that isnt fitting your standards of "no god". Now i call you people hypocrites cause you are denieing and telling others to denie religion which if they are not true are the result of free thinking, so you are denieing the right of free thinking to others cause it doesnt fit your standards, thus you are telling otheres not to do wat you do cause you dont like how they do it.

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What is this country coming to? fuck...just a short rant...

I have been writing my two senators since for at least the last 6 years. My two senators from Virgina are Senator Warner and Senator Allen. Allen is up for re-election against democratic challenger Webb. So Warner is an old school republican from the more righteous classical middle of the road conservative thought. Allen is a neocon fuckhead, a mouth piece for george bush's dick. So..I've been writing to both senators constantly about a variety of issues.

Sen. Warner's office has always sent me a reply, agreeing or disagreeing with me, but giving at least some thought and care into his constituents.

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Why Theists Get the Logic and Still Believe

I am an atheist. I used to be a Christian, and then I read the Bible, thought about it, and left Christianity. Soon after that, I examined the concept of “the supernatural” and became an atheist. Hearing my story would probably be interesting to some people, but apart from some minor variances, it’s no different from the stories of thousands of other “de-converts.” Most atheists are well versed in the logic necessary to rid the mind of religious delusions. What I want to discuss in this essay is the number of theists who fully comprehend the same logic, and yet remain theists. Clearly, this phenomenon should be of great concern to the freethinker who would like to see friends, family, and society in general rid themselves of the poison that religious thought injects into culture.

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Did you get the memo?

To: The Old Guard
From: The New Management
Subject: New Memo
Date: 10/24/2006

Note to staff,

All theists will be responsible for this information in their next review by a non-theist.

In light of AIG's release of arguments we think creationists should NOT use, Management thinks that this is an appropriate time to draw your attention to three erroneous positions assumed by theists who are still using those ubiquitous old memos:

1. "Belief in evolution/science is analogous to faith in God."

Please refrain from further use of this non- comparison. Faith is not a type of knowledge. It neither requires evidence nor gives us any method for determining what is true or false. It is therefore, by definition, utterly distinguished from, and not analogous to, scientific knowledge. The old memo that encouraged you to equate faith with everyday beliefs that certain events will or will not happen is no longer valid, because even those types of beliefs are based upon empirically determined calculations (e.g. assumptions based on habitual recurrences), and not solely wishful thinking for unproven ideas or events that don't habitually recur (although wishful thinking may sometimes accompany an assumption that a common recurrence will again recur, it is not intrinsically tied to it, as it is to faith). Please be informed that even this second kind of (everyday) belief is less accurate than scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge is tested in controlled settings with rigorous standards- and even then, is still only considered functional after substantial peer review. Last, faith is not a virtue. Compared to critical thought, it is the laziest option available. Think about it. The paper shredder is available until 6:00.

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13 lunar months

There are 13 lunar months in one solar year on earth. Yet our calender was fixed to work out of 12. Why?

The reason for this is the same reason that all savior-hero christ figures have 12 disciples. It all comes from Babylonian cosmology and the 12 signs of the Babylonian zodiac. The Christ of the Christian bible, as well as every Christ in every culture around the world that I know of, has 1 disciple for every sign of the zodiac. When our calender was initiated, it was decided to accept a model that worked out the same way, accepting one month for every sign of the zodiac.

Perhaps it is time to work towards a more sensible calender framework, but I fear that it is much to late for that. Thus, we are stuck in senselessness.

The Aaron Russo Interview (Freedom to Fascism)

(Note: I think the forums hate the embed tags, oh well people need to view it so it gets higher on the rating system)

m3xlc4n wrote: For the Pay-Per-View or DVD purchase of the highest quality version. Also you are encouraged to get the DVD and host viewing parties for people who might not have access to the internet.

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Something that fell out of my head...

"Man's capacity for delusion is infinite, however, it is certainly preventable." ~Razor


I am a bran spankin new member, and golly its nice to have rational people about.

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The Story of Joshua, Continued

If you missed my first blog, I'm telling Bible Stories, fairy tale style. The premise is simple. I use fairy tale language and assume that everything is true. Yes, I know the objections Christians will make. I know that there are differences in translations and that words sometimes have different meanings than they do today. Before you criticize my interpretation, ask yourself this question: Have you read the entire Bible for yourself? Did you cross reference with Hebrew and Greek to check the meanings of questionable words? Think twice about criticizing my scholarship if you answer "no" to either question. Looking foolish is your right, but I don't recommend it. These stories are an excercise, designed to provoke thought. Here's a thought to start with. If you were not a greek or hebrew scholar, and you read the Bible literally, wouldn't you expect a loving God to mention in his text that a lot of the passages didn't mean what you thought they meant because they were not translated well?

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Hospital Expenses

Hospitals don't compete for your business. As a general rule, you don't even think about which hospital you are going to when you get sick or injured. In many events, you aren't even conscious to make such a decision.

Therefore, hospitals are given to believe that they are able to demand any amount of payment they wish. If they had to compete for your dollars, they would have to place limits on how much they charged. The lack of competition, however, means that they can basically charge whatever they feel like.

Insurance companies often oppose many of the charges that are incorporated on the hospital bill. Even personal doctors often attempt to impose charges unnecessarily, and insurance companies look warily for extraneous surcharges that are inconsistant with the needed treatment.

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