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I am Vastet, and I am god. Or at least, as much a god as anything is. I chose the field of gaming to watch over as my passion, though slapping around religious nuts and showing them the error of their ways has become a past time of mine over the years. Since this is an athiest site, I probably won't spend a tonne of time here. It's not as fun slapping people when they believe the same thing you do. > >

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Hmmm, blasphemy challenge...

Why is it that those who have issues with it cannot actually state in an intelligent manner, a rational manner, what their problem is? Why do they resort to schoolyard insults, such as giving disparaging comments on someones hairstyle, someones perceived beauty, stating "I wouldn't fuck you!", or simply ranting in a butchered raped English that *I* am stupid???

Vid here

So many things that were said in the video, so many things that could have been picked for a rational discussion of our disagreements, and they totally invalidate their own opinions by picking something as shallow as my appearance, or something as obsolete as the "fuck it" comment. WHY NOT PICK FROM THE COMMENTS DEALING WITH THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD??? Why not pick from so many of the other comments, such as why they feel they NEED the fear of divine retribution to be a moral person!? Instead, there is one idiot who goes on and on that we're only atheist because we don't want to have to be moral... Did he miss the Newsflash? ATHEISTS DO HAVE MORALS AND ETHICS! Oh wow, and these morals and ethics differ from atheist to atheist! We think for ourselves, we don't have some jackass telling us what morals and ethics we MUST have to be "true atheists".

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Free Thought Poetry - Original Sin

There must be something bigger
Something more
An undeniable truth
The essence of existence flowing through us all
Some have called it God
A fiction of embodyment
They worship rather than respect
And decay in servitude
If one day we could learn
To tolerate our brothers
Accepting amongst others
The need for variation
We may allow ourselves
To embrace evolution
To salute new solutions
With no threat of retribution
We might tolerate ourselves

All I ask is just the chance
To make myself a better man

A Horror Story (slightly graphic)

There are people now who want to ban the HPV vaccine. I am not embarrassed to say that I have only had sex with two people. One was not consensual and the other is my husband. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which is why the incident below happened to me. My mother also had cervical cancer that spread throughout her reproductive organs and almost killed her. She had chemotherapy, radiation, and eventually a full hysterectomy. I remember her getting upset when I took one of her wigs to school for Halloween. I didn't know until I got older just how sick she was. Did either of us deserve to die?

I resent this being turned into just another Christian moralizing issue. So that my daughters, and yours, never have to go through what I did, I will fight with my last breath to have this vaccine made available in the United States. Don't let the religious fundamentalists push you around any more. They have no right to fool around with our lives and the lives of our children. I'll take that one step further, they don't have the right to put their own children's lives at risk either. The following is my horror story because of cervical cancer. It is why I feel as strongly as I do. If you are easily sickened by graphic depictions of medical proceedures, then go no further.

I'll tell you a horror story. I had cancer and had to have a portion of my cervix removed because the cancer was localized. The next night I started bleeding so heavily that I had to stand in the shower so my floor wouldn't be soaked. My husband took me to the ER and they said I was probably having a miscarriage. They dismissed me and sent me home.


This was originally posted on FSTDT, but I like it and wanted to save it to a blog. I feel very strongly about this group (T4C) and groups like it.

Last night, I put on some music (surely satanic) and went on over to Teens-4-Christ to read. The thread "Women Working Outside the Home" caught my eye in the "Q&A" section. Some of the girls are having a hard time accepting the dogma. I remember the feeling when my teacher laughed at me and told me I couldn't be president because I was a girl! Then I imagined all those girls at their computers feeling the same when Brother Randy tells them they can't work if they have a family and if they do they are just greedy. I think of the tears in their eyes when they realize that they are under their father and then under their husbands.

Big pimpin' baby!

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The conspiracies of life

9/11 was a conspiracy, so I am told. Appearantly, the U.S. government decided to kill off a large portion of those citizens living in New York for some undetermined reason.

Of course, 9/11 was just one of the more recent conspiracies that the U.S. government has been involved in. There are many people disappearing every day, leaders being killed, and there are even aliens running experiments on humans on a routine basis. All of these things and more are being done either with the consent of the U.S. government, by a secret society who acts through the U.S. government, or with the tacit approval of the U.S. government.

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Beep! Beep! It's Me

I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe. Like Arthur Dent from "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy", if you do not have a Babel Fish in your ear this blog will be completely unintelligible to you and will read something like this: "boggle, google, snoggle, slurp, slurp, dingleberry to the power of 10". Fortunately, those who have had the Babel Fish inserted in their ear, will understood this blog perfectly. If you are familiar with this technology, you will know that the Babel Fish lives on brainwave radiation. It excretes energy in the form of exactly the correct brainwaves needed by its host to understand what was just said; or in this case, what was read. The Babel Fish, thanks to scientific research, reverses the problem defined by its namesake in the Tower of Babel, where a deity was supposedly inspired to confuse the human race by making them unable to understand each other.

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The Noble Quran

I know most atheists on here who read the bible many times over, but have you ever even taken a look at the Quran?

The Quran still exists today in its origional language (unlike the bible) and there is only ONE version. The only version is in arabic, and can be translated into other languages though it loses some of its elequence and meaning. some arabic words are not available in english. Nonetheless, these are the translation to help you understand the Quran and listen to it in its origional language at the same time:

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Stirring up a commotion

At the end of the eighteenth century, a small collective formed to oppose british rule among 13 colonies in North America. They forged a document in which they expressed their distress and outlined the reason to which they had to fight the reigning monarch.

Among those who fought against the armies that were dispatched stood a man named George Washington. His mother told him to stop fighting, effectively saying that he should shut-up and behave. He, along with many of his compatriots, refused to allow familial allegences prevent him from following his own beliefs. They refused to betray theirselves even if it meant causing disharmony with their families. Many of them even lost their families, and more.

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