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What should a rational responder look into if they want to be able to respond rationally? The simple answer is everything, but no one person can know all so we should probably narrow down a few points. I think the way we should go about this is by having basics and give a starting point. Most of this will center around an atheist view point and this is something that should have input from others, mainly when it comes to specific areas.

A. Logic: This is the most basic foundation for finding knowledge and evaluation ideas.

B. God Arguments: There are many(300+), but you need to know a few common ones and how to break them down.



I love theology, but I believe in no religion. This makes me an atheist.
Typical scene in which a stranger tries to figure me out:

Stranger: So, how is your relationship with God?

Me: I have none, I am an atheist.

Stranger: *gasp* You must be saved!! You should ask God to forgive your sinful soul! And I thought you were a decent person!! *runs away, terribly frightened*

Common Misconceptions about Atheism:
1) I do not HATE the world - in fact, I probably see more worth in it than you.
2) I do not ride with Satan every weekend collecting followers and burning Christian homes. (sorry guys, this is funny)

There is no God.

God almost certainly does not exist.

"Almost certainly" implies that it is impossible to completely disprove the existence of anything. If you don't believe me, try it. Try to disprove, without the shadow of a doubt, the presence of the spaghetti monster. But, when someone proposes a claim, (God exists), it is entirely their responsibility to PROVE that He does, rather than the atheists response to prove that He doesn't. What if I was to say that the spaghetti monster is invisible, takes up no space, and is everywhere at the same time. And made everything and is everything. Why? Because over 33% OF THE WORLD (that's 2.1 BILLION people) believes a book that says so. Out of 4,300 known religions in the world why do so many people pick Christianity? Good question. Let's have a look at some facts.

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I have been debating theists on myspace, the rrs, and now even youtube. It is amazing to me that from the most ignorant to the most intellectual (such as the apologists) the theists are always redefining themselves in order to over come the logical fallacies presented to them by the rational thinkers. It's almost as if their religoin is "evolving" and molding itself to fit science's or just even plain rationality's complete annihilation of their arguments. The best is when they use straw men arguments, because it's the only way they can then argue defeat an argument (that they themselves set up). They argue from ignorance and they usually chase red herrings. And when all else fails, they throw the faith card at ya.

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today i joined the squad, today was that day that i finally did smth to contribute to the growth of society.
may be i`ll write a few lines about how i`m became an atheist.
I was "born" as or raised as a Unitarian, and i was lucky cuz that cristhian religion is the most tolerate to reason and science, in religion classes i was told kinda how to reason with catholics and other cristhian wich differt a lot from this.

So 9th grade i find myself in a Roman-Catholic school not if i or my parents wanted to but i kinda didn have any other choises. Lot of religion classes, prayers at the beginin of every day , at noon of every day and at the end of every day , of course i didn pray but the others did. I was a believer but i was really againts the dogma. I find myself arguing with spirutual father (the school priest) at religon classes about that for me 1 doesnt equals 3 no mather what (trinity, god is only 1 but in some cases 3), that did piss me off that time and arguing that than catholicism is a politheistis religion and so on. So i got quite good in arguin thanks to a priest and after a time i started listening to myself and realizing that god in no mather what contexts interpretation doesnt make any sence, and i became an atheist not an outspoken one but still one.

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Thank you for reviewing the Bible Door Tracts website Rook.

I wish to thank Rook for reviewing my website. I should pull the Einstein tract. It seems fallicious, dubious etcetra. I will pull it if Rook will review another tract that I will post this week, entitled "The True Meaning of Christmas." or the one regarding "Easter Sunday is a great Day." This is a small blog entry just to thank Rook Hawkins. He's a gentlemen in that I have not responded much to his sincerity in searching scriptural arguments to counter mine. I must respect him for his effort.

I would like to address one thing Rook said regarding the bible door tracts website. also

non cohesive - demons in the mail

I just saw this blog feature and thought I'd vent a little.

My boyfriend's mom sent us a letter in a pink envelope with curlique handwriting. And on the inside, pictures of burning demons. She made sure to highlight the areas about "living in sin"

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Homeless, helpless, and distressed

Imagine that you have a home, a life. You have a job, and all the knick-knacks and bric-a-brac that make your home just a little brighter. Your spouse also has a nice job, and between the both of you, and a good budget plan, you are able to pay your bills, buy food for your family, and occasionally you manage to treat yourself to a show or a good restaurant or maybe purchase something deeply desirable.

Now, imagine that you lose your job, and find yourself unable to find employment elsewhere. Perhaps it is that you cannot find employment in the field to which you are trained and you don't know how to do anything else. Perhaps you are just too old and in a state or city where nobody wishes to hire someone of such advanced years. For whatever reason, you simply cannot find work. You start to get really depressed.

I tried talking to "garyvit"

It was interesting... I was honestly wanting him to show me his claims. I started it in a personal chat so he could talk to me without random comments from people, thinking this would make it easier for him.

voiderest: hey grav what is your claim
garyvit: Sapient is an idiot.
garyvit: That is my main claim.
voiderest: so how is he dumb?
garyvit: How is he not?
voiderest: aren't you the one making the claim here?
garyvit: Yeah.
garyvit: Who says I can't ask questions.
garyvit: ?
voiderest: It looked like you wanted me to prove something
voiderest: So what is an example of him being an dumb?

Poor logic in atheists disappoints me. War on Christmas thoughts.

I'm often reminded that atheists are not impervious to exhibitions of poor critical thinking, something that the theists who visit this page may find solace in. A good friend of mine has even backed off slightly from his activism against religion to be replaced by activism for solid modes of thought because as he's seen the real problem isn't religion, but it's poor critical thinking skills. Atheism does not always equal rationality or high intelligence or ones ability to abstain from making poor assumptions. I almost feel as if I should qualify my last sentence to note that theistic belief is never rational, as you might assume our position has changed in some way.

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