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The funniest man

Johnathan Winters passed away. I grew up watching him on television. In a "What's my line" skit he walked in to a dialog with out knowing what was going on, took control of the dialog and made the other comedians follow his lead, abandoning the script they had been given.

Truly a great comic.


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More shit which needs to end

This shit about threatening other people is ridiculous. I know Ann Coulter is a douche who has had her 15 minutes of fame, but doing this crap is just plain stupid.


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Rape and Bullying

When is this shit going to stop? What kind of society allows this to continue?

The police should be brought to trial for their sloppy investigation. The four boys should be prosecuted.

In the article, it says they have a picture of the rape, but don't know who pressed the button? WTF? Really? That's preventing you from asking, "OK who's phone was it?" "OK son, why did you snap a photo of the rape, who was there with you, what? you didn't take the picture? OK, who had your phone? ".


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Happy Zombie Day!!!

Wishing all of you a wonderful Zombie Day this fine spring day. May your relatives all rise from the dead and eat your brains!

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FLDS - Fucking Lame Douche Shitheads

I watched the show named "I Escaped A Cult" and they had on this woman who was raped by her dad for some twenty-five years. She got pregnant twice (which once was aborted by the 4th wife).. etc etc etc.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! What a bunch of complete cock sucking assholes. Why the fuck are they still allowed to breath air? I knew their "prophet" had been arrested and got 4 life terms, but holy shit. The entire "church" is nothing but bat shit crazy.

BTW - Today I saw that the sister escaping.



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Senator changes gay marriage stance

This conservative senator changed his opinion on gay marriage because his son is gay. He wants his son, who he loves a lot, to have the same opportunities as his brother and sister.


What a fucking douche bag.

The problem I have with this is this asshole says he is a conservative and now he changes his mind to fit his personal relationship with his son. If he didn't have a son that was gay then he wouldn't have changed his mind. The prick shouldn't be in office.


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Corporations will drive our future.

I've been reading all the stuff on space exploration these days, and thinking about it hit me: it's now too late to bring socialism to the population en mass. Through any tactic or strategy.
The future of our species, should we keep going for another 50 years or so, will be driven by corporations. For good or ill.

The future as I see it:
For the next decade or two, it will remain the governments of nations with space programmes who drive space exploration. But the corporations have already struck their foothold, and with every passing year they will invest more and more until they surpass the funding of NASA, CSA, ESA, etc. combined.

Whether it is a nation or corporation which first colonises Mars, the end result will likely mirror the founding of the new world, and a conflict will break out over taxation or supplies or something similar. Maybe multiple wars. And maybe just political awkwardness, but some kind of conflict.
It will be around this time that corporations and governments have been going into

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Always photo copy your tickets

I haven't done a lotto pool at work in a long time, but when we did, I always stressed that tickets bought should be photocopied and then email to each of the parties involved.

Based on this article it sound suspicious that this lady purchased all the tickets at once, then claims that the ticket that one was not part of the work pool but personal.

It appears some very angry people are not on speaking terms now.


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Bud isn't beer

I'm not much of a drinker any more, but I do enjoy a really good beer once in a while.

About 20 years ago I stopped drinking most major US labels because they all taste like water. Beers, ales and lagers from around the world have spoiled me because they brew quality rather than quantity.

Now we have this article which shows a lawsuit again Budweiser which was accused of watering down their product.

I suspect many Americans won't care. They are mindless sheep who follow iconic big breasted women, dogs and funny commercials to determine what beer they drink.


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A History of US Economic Law Part 10: The Pujo Committee



It has been awhile since I put this project on pause. For those who were not around when I started, this series is in response to claims made by numerous people that the Great Depression was caused by laissez-faire capitalism. My sole goal is to demonstrate that the economic conditions prior to the depression were not laissez-faire. In fact, during the 40 years leading up to the Great Depression the federal government was taking an increasingly large role in our economic system. The approach I am using is to simply summarize every major economic law passed from the year 1890 through the Great Depression and provide a little bit of background information. I am attempting to keep my personal biases out of it and simply stick to the facts of what was passed and to the extent I am able to provide quotes from people of that time period. Of course, I am biased and have strong opinions about all of these laws so I encourage anyone interested to follow the links and do some research for themselves. I think this is a period of history that many people don't really know a lot about and I believe it is better to know than to remain ignorant. 




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