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For societies sake, marijuana needs to be legalised

I originally wrote this back in March of 2005, in response to a letter to the editor written to a local newspaper. A recent post regarding the war on drugs and religion by another forumite reminded me of it, and it's importance. So I went and dug it up. Here it is.
Most Americans and those of nations other than Canada may not be aware of the incident. But earlier this month, 4 RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officers were gunned down by James Roszko, before he took his own life. Roszko was a known cop hater, and convicted child molestor. He also happened to be growing marijuana. And in a day where my country is polarized on one or the other side of the argument, some moron wrote the following to a local paper:

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Weaving god

A little entry.. seeing as I am new here,I thought I'd put something in here so as to not waste this wonderful space. This isn't really finished but who cares.

-The Weaving Hands of…

The power of Christ compels you,
The power of Christ dispels you,
The power of Christ expels you…

You, who are of the herd mentality,
You, who needs eventuality,
Ye, who heeds the call of blind duality,
He, who feeds on false morality,

We, who fight the chains of the mythical weaving hands
Take a firm stand
On the alter
Of the outer fringes of society
Morality does exist beyond his hands


I wrote this a little while ago on MySpace in response to one of those "Proclaim Yer Luv Fer JAYSUS!!!" bulletins, and since I just joined RRS (and I'm Lazy), I thought reposting it might make a decent intro to me and how I think on the topic of religion.

I should be ashamed?

So, I'm sure everyone has seen 'em by now: bulletins posted proclaiming someone-or-other's love fer God or Jesus or what have you. Now, I have absolutely no problem with 'em. If you're a religious type and Jesus is yer man, cool, shout it from the rooftops if'n ya want. It's yer right. However, I couldn't help but notice, on the latest one that I saw, how many people put their names on the list and added that anyone who doesn't put their name on "the Jesus list" should be ashamed. Ashamed? Really? I should be ashamed because I don't hold the same personal beliefs as you? Huh. So, does that include me if I'm Jewish? Or Hindu? Or Muslim? Or (Gasp!) atheist?

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holy spirt

I dont have a web cam, so.


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Belief without proof leads nowhere

Are there things we should not know? There are many responses to the impulse toward experience, therefore, we pass through the essential stage of experience on the way to wisdom. But it remains a stage, not an end in itself. Beauty leaves a physical imprint of its passage through the brain, and new research has shown that certain brains may be more receptive to it than others. Artistic geniuses may be more than cultural phenomena; they may be genetic abnormalities whose sensory faculties are in tune to the essences of form and color, and they possess a sensitivity others can only imagine. Psychopathological interhemispheric dynamics are altered, dissipating old behavioral attitudes and patterns.

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It is bad enough when someone takes the position that he(or she) has made up his(or her) mind and doesn't want to be confused by facts. It is worse when someone else makes up his(or her) mind for him(or her) and then he(or she) and then he(or she) dismisses any facts to the contrary by attributing bad motives to those who present those facts.

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moral luminaries

"The people who are regarded as moral luminaries are those who forego ordinary pleasures themselves and find compensation in interfering with the pleasures of others."
- Bertrand Russell

new class

Today I found out that one of my courses is going to focus strongly on religious history. Questions on Reformation vs Renaissance in the formation of modern society, and the question of whether religion hurts or helps society. Class includes papers and in class debates with teams possessing oposing views. This is going to be fun.

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Just thought I'd share this for shits and giggles

As some of you know, I am an out of work Death Metal singer/lyricist, and a lot of the lyrics I've written deal with atheism, denial of religion, ect... So I thought it might be fun to post my favorite set of lyrics, just because I can! The song is called Soul Slavery, enjoy!


Condemn thyself to god
For there’s no life left in your blood
Condemn thyself to rot
Wipe your brain clean of all thought
Throw out your freedom to
Live in reality and truth
Remove your eyes so blind
You won’t need them to see their lie


Chain yourself to the book
That tether tied around your foot

I have decided

Based on the evidence I have searched out - from BOTH sides. I believe the existance of the judeo christian god to be scientificly improbable. And logicly impossible. Therfor unless imperical evidence is placed in front of me or found by me to prove otherwise I do not believe in the existance of the Judeo Christian god. I will add this to the list of other gods I believe it is highly improbable they exist. Most of these gods can be found

This makes me athiestic in my views - not to be mistaken with strong athiesism which would indicate I think its impossible for god to exist.

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