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For Skeptics of Christianity

So are you skeptical of Christianity?

Are you looking "everywhere" for answers to a few tough questions but find nothing because no Christian can give you a straight answer that makes sense?

No Fear! The following link is here!

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Young Earth would nullify Evolution

Only a single shred of undeniable evidence of an Earth less than even 1 million years old would create lots of problems for Evolutionists.

Here's a link for 14 possibilities to chew on...counterpoise?

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A universe too complex for a creator.

I was thinking of that whole notion that "life/theuniverse is too complex to have a creator." and the argument of "A painting has a painter, so creation needs a creator."

But then it kinda got me, A painting needs a painter, but someone else need to make the paint and the canvas, a painting is made by several people (And that's not including the people who made the materials for the canvas and the paint in the first place, heck it's not even including the people who invented the paint and canvas.). Music, computers, require many people to make (In one form or another).

So I thought, is the universe too complex for ONE creator? If it had to have been made, then there must have been a team.

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Hell, a bad place... for theists?

Now we probably heard someone say that "Hell isn't a place that has tourture and all that jazz, but it's a place where there is a lack of god."

I take it they mean "Earth 2, but this time there's definitely no god here."

Now imagine this scenario, you die, you go... somewhere, then you find yourself with god, he says "Oh, you don't believe in me. Bye then!"


You're on Earth 2 (Hell), of course you're not an atheist (Since you have seen god), but you've been without god for most (If no all) of your life. So it's no biggy. Chances, if you've ever been a christian at any point there might be a little emotional bit going, but should be over thanks in part to the crying of the naughty christians (Gets some boots on and kick 'em, it's fun!).

On Morality

...its subjective.

I'll elaborate...

The idea of right and wrong depends on the point of view to begin with so it is subjective by its very nature. A lot of people like to throw around an idea of morality or immorality, but to being to decide who is more or less moral they need a moral system. Most of the people in the world do have such a system outlining their codes, laws, or whatever the hell they want to call them.

If I was a betting man, which I am, I'd bet they are using a christian or what is perceived as a christian system. So basically if you're human you're a sinner, immoral, and going to hell. I could go into that more, but that is a whole other ball game.

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Recently, the place where I work had difficulty with the city trash pickup people. The driver of the truck had to dump the trash twice because they failed to pick it up earlier in the week when they were scheduled to. He made my boss sign a paper saying that he would pay extra for that additional dump.

So, basically, because the city waste management ( missed a scheduled and payed-for pickup, my workplace was supposed to give them more?

In light of the fact that there are no competing trash pickup services, the city has a monopoly on this, we are forced to use their services. Thus, they are able to utilyse this as a means to extort more money from businesses in this manner.

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43things fundies

I have a love/hate relationship with fundies. They piss me off and they amuse me as, um, hell.

Until invents tagging for entries, check out

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Help Nick Gisburne

Support Nick gisburne banned from for speaking his mind about religion, what he said was based on facts people, facts!
Take a look for yourselves

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Where to start with this one?

This was too funny, I had to share. I'd posted my "Blasphemy Challenge" video on MySpace (go check out my profile:, and I got a comment from a girl that said, "I really like your personality but hun you have to know what to follow and what to not the bible says many things but the most important out of the whole bible is beiliving in jesus and that he died on the cross and you accept him its that simple!!!!"

I couldn't pass that up. I sent her a message asking her to please tell me why she's the authority on what to follow and what not to follow in the Bible. Here's her wonderfully articulate response:

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Questions to invoke...

Questions to invoke...

1. If pretty much all myths, fables and legends are initially founded from some amount of truth at some time, is it so reasonable to believe that there is no God when practically every known ancient culture believed in One? Normally only details become exaggerated, so why does each have a common spine of a deity?

2. If one's world view mandate that no God exist, how could you clearly see the truth of a potentially existent God if it were starring you in the eyes? Wouldn't you simply dismiss the very thing you wish to know without ponder?

3.Where does man's innate sense of wrong come from that he knows he shouldn't bring harm on another person?

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