Class Reunion

Tomorrow (Saturday) is my 15 year class reunion. I am likely the only atheist in my class - there are plenty of fundies. Luckilly most of them are ignorant and never debated religion, and those that have only know the shit we have tossed already. I am ready to tear them a new asshole. Wish me luck!

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Still unanswered.

I have been accused of being unable to ask valid questions, and of not knowing much science. Accordingly, what I ask now is not a question but rather all of your Rational Responses to the video accessed by the link at the bottom of this entry. Please take some time out of your busy schedules to view it, even if it...

"...means facing answers that you don't like."
-Hambydammit on Fri, 2007-03-09 15:15 in How To Ask Good Questions

My anticipation is that the first responses will fire back on the age of the film, the nationalities of its scientists, or things against myself as a person, but I earnestly beg that only "Rational Responses" be ushered in please.

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Where was that 'God"?

The Vatican is the first in a long list of Christian organizations to be sued for inadequate protection of the public from "acts of God".

musings on the differences...

...between there and here. i've lived here, and there too, and i spend a lot of time defending here from american attacks and there from european ones...

here the government has taken on the church head to head: legalised gay marriage, is working on easing the religious out of public education, (it's not a constitutional requirement here, just a sensible idea), and when you start talking about america here, you get.........

(apart from the usual appalling ignorance that many europeans have about the usa, matching exactly the extraordinary lack of knowledge some americans have about europe),

glad to be here

found this site via the richard dawkins official website and immediately knew i'd found my spiritual home....... though i have to say, secular europe is almost certainly a nicer place to be rational than the usa right now. the superstitious are in a shrinking minority here, and no politician would dream of trying to use his religious beliefs as a springboard to election.
on the other hand, they are also as dumb as deeply religious politicians.
life can be depressing.

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A series of google videos on secret societies and who is controlling them with Dr. Walter Veith.

Also visit, if you dare,

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Why would anyone want to believe something ike that!

The christian model of salvation has, for all of christian history, been about man's defiance of god's will and a hero-saviour that appeases that god's wrath over this defiance. It is relatively simplistic, and straightforward. The god was a parent who issued directives at man the child, the child defiantly disobeyed the father-god's directive, and god smacked the child for disobedience. The father-god has been smacking the child-man ever since. Then one day the parent-god sends a special child-man down and smacks him around for a bit. This child-man gets smacked around in order to stop god from smacking around his brothers. Therefore, all you have to do is to believe that this special child-man existed and put your faith in that special child-man and father-god will stop smacking you around.

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Oxygen in the beginning

Our present atmosphere consists of 78% nitrogen (N2), 21% molecular oxygen (O2), and 1% of other gases, such as carbon dioxide CO2), argon (Ar), and water vapor H2O). An atmosphere containing free oxygen would be fatal to all origin of life schemes. While oxygen is necessary for life, free oxygen would oxidize and thus destroy all organic molecules required for the origin of life. Thus, in spite of much evidence that the earth has always had a significant quantity of free oxygen in the atmosphere,(3) evolutionists persist in declaring that there was no oxygen in the earth's early atmosphere. However, this would also be fatal to an evolutionary origin of life. If there were no oxygen there would be no protective layer of ozone surrounding the earth. Ozone is produced by radiation from the sun on the oxygen in the atmosphere, converting the diatomic oxygen(O2) we breathe to triatomic oxygen O3), which is ozone. Thus if there were no oxygen there would be no ozone. The deadly destructive ultraviolet light from the sun would pour down on the surface of the earth unimpeded, destroying those organic molecules required for life, reducing them to simple gases, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water. Thus, evolutionists face an irresolvable dilemma: in the presence of oxygen, life could not evolve; without oxygen, thus no ozone, life could not evolve or exist.

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