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Help Nick Gisburne

Support Nick gisburne banned from for speaking his mind about religion, what he said was based on facts people, facts!
Take a look for yourselves

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Where to start with this one?

This was too funny, I had to share. I'd posted my "Blasphemy Challenge" video on MySpace (go check out my profile:, and I got a comment from a girl that said, "I really like your personality but hun you have to know what to follow and what to not the bible says many things but the most important out of the whole bible is beiliving in jesus and that he died on the cross and you accept him its that simple!!!!"

I couldn't pass that up. I sent her a message asking her to please tell me why she's the authority on what to follow and what not to follow in the Bible. Here's her wonderfully articulate response:

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Questions to invoke...

Questions to invoke...

1. If pretty much all myths, fables and legends are initially founded from some amount of truth at some time, is it so reasonable to believe that there is no God when practically every known ancient culture believed in One? Normally only details become exaggerated, so why does each have a common spine of a deity?

2. If one's world view mandate that no God exist, how could you clearly see the truth of a potentially existent God if it were starring you in the eyes? Wouldn't you simply dismiss the very thing you wish to know without ponder?

3.Where does man's innate sense of wrong come from that he knows he shouldn't bring harm on another person?

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Copy and paste

Well, it seems I must pwn you know Quan.

Quan wrote:It is not garbage. You are just upset that scholars don't agree with your nonsense.

I'd rather look into the majority view of modern scholars. What would these books establish? Your insane point?

This is a rather ironic statement; would you agree then that I am right in believing the majority of scientists who hold evolution as being true?

Quan wrote:I am not kidding. These evidence absolutely hold weight, and you haven't shown how they don't. The date doesn't have anything to do with the validity of the paper. And so what if they were Christians?! You sound insane right now. Am I justified in NOT listening to Richard Dawkins because he's an atheist? C'mon, get real.

Fine then, I will show how they don't. (WARNING - the fallowing statements contain facts, if you are not partial to them look away)

Ten Rules of Prophecy You Can Try at Home

Ten Rules of Prophecy You Can Try at Home
(Excerpt from upcoming book)

Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow

Prophecy—the age-old business of forecasting doom and getting to say “I told you so!” when nobody listens. True believers and skeptics both enjoy this material because they both think it makes their case. Believers use it to prove their faith in the Bible’s divine origins and skeptics deploy it to demonstrate that it’s all twaddle. Only one can be right. Let’s see which.


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Teaser of my Jesus Tomb blog entry


Mark smiled broadly as he walked towards his next class. He had been waiting for this all day long, since he first had witnessed the great speech given by a new political party the night before. He had anxiously waited in study hall that morning, and later he picked at his food and tapped a fork on the lunch table, hoping these periods would pass swiftly and bring about his Social Studies course. But the time had passed by slowly.

Even still, he had finally made it. And although he was slightly hunched over due to extensive homework assignments he had picked up during the various courses of the day he didn’t let it bother him. All week perhaps he would have scrapped his feet and moved a little slower, but today he tried to move at a heightened pace.

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God is Nameless

God or whatever label people call the Absolute is not a brand name that people fight over. God is nameless. The moment a name is given to the nameless, something is lost. If the label is accepted some ignorance is also accepted. The experience of the nameless lies beyond the label, in the unbounded, infinite, lively transcendent. The transcendent is the intelligence of nature, home of the constitution of the universe, which houses the laws of nature. The laws of nature govern the entire universe and everything in it in perfect order.

Naming the nameless and worshiping that name is a guaranteed one way ticket to hell because of the gradual down shift in consciousness of the controllers and handlers of that name.

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"Respect me and my beliefs!"

I have two sisters, and my family is very close. I speak with my sisters constantly, and we all stay in contact with our parents. Whenever I am speaking out against christianity in their presence, I am told that I am disrespecting them and their beliefs. In many instances, merely making a statement that vaguely refers to religiousity is enough to provoke them.

Now, I totally respect my sisters because, well, they are my sisters. Disrespect for religion and religious-born ideologies does not equal disrespect of the person. Yet they seem to suggest that if I say that christianity destroyed civilisation and we are still trying to recover, that is not the same thing as making a direct attack on someone's person!

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If I were a chimpanzee

Speak ain't easy
when I try to convey my deepest feelings
and I don't believe in my own monogamy
I love so many so deeply
that I am in constant pain.

I wish that when I cry out to God
God would answer back
so that I could be what they all say he wants me to be.
But I am not, and doubt that I will ever be,
anything other than me.

If I were a chimpanzee, I'd be the kind that rubs another
and not the kind that plans out wars...
but I am of a type that relates to them
and war and love mix to shake up our lives.

Evolution makes wonderful sense, even for this lover of God

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The Tempest and the Cross

"A Storm blows up by the Tree of Life: My faith and what I believe; my tenet, if you will"

The Tempest and the Qabalistic Cross

I won't deny that I sense the presence of [GOD];
but I will say this to all faiths in this modern age:
The god you worship, is not the GOD I know.
The god you claim exists, isn't the GOD I love.
The part you claim is a part of the GOD I sense.
I can't justly put GOD in a box like you try to do.
God is beyond the box; GOD fills the box; GOD IS the box. Refrain from continually seperating GOD into pieces like SET
did with the limbs of OSIRIS...and it's been a struggle for me to find all those limbs so that they may be connected again.

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