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Atheism and religion in the news XVI

Here we go again.







Questions and Answers about atheism.


One person answers common questions about atheists.


Do atheists hate God?

No. Consider: Do you hate Santa Claus? Or Zeus and Poseidon? The fact is, atheists just don´t believe in "God" or gods. You can´t hate something you don't believe in.






Bryan Pesta Sheds More Light on the Atheist MySpace Group


More info from the friendly atheist on the atheist group takedown.


My profile which controls the group was hacked. I still have no idea how; if anyone wants to blame me for stupidly falling for a phishing scam, I probably am guilty, but I honestly don't know how it happened.

The group was renamed jesus is love; 100s of regular users were banned (which oddly is permanent in a myspace group; cannot be undone, even by the group's moderator). All our huge threads were deleted and the hacker was systematically deleting users from the group as well.




Hitchens Vs. Boteach on Existence of God

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Atheism and religion in the news XV

Yet more news.







Richard Dawkins debate.


Richard Dawkins talks about faith-based schools in England.


The role of religion in education is a subject rarely out of the headlines. Despite Britain's multi-faith society, schools are still required to include a collective act of worship of a Christian nature, while faith schools and religious academies have raised fears about community cohesion and covert selection.

Claims by some religious educationalists that faith is the best way to teach moral values is challenged by others in schools who believe religious morality to be outdated and dangerous.

Dimbleby is joined by Professor Richard Dawkins, Schools Select Committee chairman Barry Sheerman MP, and a multi-faith studio audience.




Kellym78's new group.


Kelly has created a new online group at OpEdNews.com


Alright, I went ahead and created an atheist group, which also welcomes debate and is open to all, since OpEdNews seemed to be lacking one. I would like any submissions, thoughts, whatever from any interested parties. Hopefully, we can make this an informative and thought-provoking little section where we can also get to know some like, or not-so-like, minded people. Smiling


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Atheism and religion in the news XIV

I hope this one can be easily viewed by people using IE, I have made some changes. Anyone, I'll start cleaning up the old ones as time permits.






Musicians are apparently the most talked about people on the net, with the exception of Richard Dawkins.

The one exception is Richard Dawkins, a popular science writer, holds the number three spot.


Being Offensive.


Who is being offended these days anyway?

The issue of religious offense was run through the press quite frequently last year, what with the Danish cartoon fiasco, questions over the deportation of some of the more unfavorable elements of Islam, the attempt by Christian Voice to bring a private prosecution for blasphemy against the BBC and - more recently - with the school teacher tried for blasphemy for naming a bear ‘Mohammed'. In each case, the issue has not been so much about the limits of freedom of expression, but the extreme reaction by the religious to otherwise innocuous actions. In each case, the defining characteristic has not been any intent to deliberately offend, but the willingness of the religious to be offended.

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Atheism and religion in the news XIII

Once again, more news.

Some people have mentioned they are having trouble reading these blogs in IE, can anyone having that problem plz leave a comment to that effect? Thanks.

A review of “Irreligion” by author John Allen Paulos

This critics review is that its good, but not good enough compared to the others out there.

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Atheism and religion in the news XII

And yet another blog post.


New atheists or new anti-dogmatists?

More criticism directed at atheists, being too harsh.

And here I return to my terminological criticism. This "spiritual" side to the new anti-dogmatism is not helped by the conflation of the terms "religion" and "faith". Dennett, as one would expect from a professional philosopher, has been by far the least sloppy in his use of the terms; but he is also the most subtle and least read of four.

Harris can slide between the terms "faith" and "religion", but his sophisticated treatment of spirituality makes it clear that his real target is the dogma of faith.

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Atheism and religion in the news XI

Welcome again, hope you are still enjoying these news links. After I have cleaned up this backlog, I’ll also start posting commentary at the start of these blogs.

Anyway, on to the news.

A Poor atheist Speaks in the Philippines.

This post speaks for itself,

When you’re rich and an atheist, most Christians will say that you’ve become an atheist because money is your God. You will be accused of forgetting Jesus because you spend more time making money than praying or going to church. People here in Manila stereotyped atheists as filthy rich, collage kids or intellectual snobs who seem to be too pompous of himself, that’s why he deny the existence of God.

But how about if you’re in a state of poverty yet you’re an atheist?

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Atheism and religion in the news X

Another day and more news.








Dawkins to give a speech at the Fraser Institute in Canada on April 14th.


Science Avenger takes on D’Souza

Another blogger takes D’Souza to task.

I am really starting to believe that Dinesh D'Souza doesn't understand what a "delusion" is, or what it means for something not to exist. His incredibly idiotic arguments against atheism have been pushing me in that direction for quite a while, as he constantly dodges the issue of whether or not gods exist to make unsupported assertions about the pleasant social effects he imagines result from religion.

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Atheism and religion in the news. IX

Once again, here are some news type links.

Minnesota Atheists Interview Richard Dawkins

In their first, hopefully of any, the Minnesota atheists group talks about a few issues and has an interview with you know who.


Ultimate Atheists Conference

In a recent blog, Oz atheist talks about a potential new conference called for by Margaret Downey.

At the recent meeting of atheist organisations, Margaret Downey, president of Atheist Alliance International (AAI) suggested holding a conference featuring all of the American atheist organisations. Hemant at Friendly Atheist has an edited transcript of Margaret’s call for a “Unity Conference in 2010″, and has posted his thoughts and called for suggestions.

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Atheism and religion inthe news VIII

Hello all once again. Thanks for all the nice PMs you have been sending me.

I want to make a point regarding non-American news sources. First off, people who live in America don’t usually realize how dominant their culture has become across the world. Because of that people who live outside of America usually know a lot more about America than Americans know about the outside world. Second, foreign media tends to be a lot more critical about America than what most yanks read for two reasons; America is the worlds only superpower, other nations feel bullied at times and they enjoy hearing stories that take America down a peg or two. The other reason is much more simple, by criticizing America, they don't have to examine themselves critically. E.g. Come to Canada some time and call Bush a war criminal or say that the Vietnam war was wrong/immoral and most Canadians will agree with you. Try mentioning that Canada, while denouncing that war officially, made tons of money selling military supplies and raw materials for the same during the entire period. If you think Bush is a war criminal, look at Lester B. Pearson (Canadian prime minister during the second world war) and you'd have to come to the same conclusion probably.

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Atheism and religion in the news VII

Here we go again, hope you are finding these links interesting.

Religious tolerance not the answer?

An op ed on teaching religion in schools.

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