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new class

Today I found out that one of my courses is going to focus strongly on religious history. Questions on Reformation vs Renaissance in the formation of modern society, and the question of whether religion hurts or helps society. Class includes papers and in class debates with teams possessing oposing views. This is going to be fun.


Why why why does everyone (friends, I don't try this on strangers) get so pissed at me when I attempt to politely explain that saying bless you when I sneeze bothers me. I know and acknowledge that they are trying to be polite but I would rather nor have it. Must I suffer so that someone can feel better about themselves and their manners. I don't get upset when people continue to use it as an unconscious gesture but people become angry with me for even suggesting they try to find an alternative. Also why am I not allowed to refuse to celebrate christmas, I am not christian, it is not my holliday.


I am a bran spankin new member, and golly its nice to have rational people about.

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