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Some recent RRS rumors...

So how many atheists out there embrace faith?  The more I learn, the more I realize faith permeates everything... way too many atheists utilize it.  Question everything, and when the source is available, ask it.

Rumor 1:  Sam Harris gave the RRS $500,000 for a house.  They proceeded to do nothing but play video games and smoke pot.

Status: False.  Sam Harris isn't our anonymous investor.  The video game and pot rumor likely stems from the times we hung out and partied with other atheists.  If I'm correct, it's sad they left thinking that a night of partying is what happens every night.  I would think our body of work spoke for itself.  


Rumor 2: They got a free house from an anonymous investor.

Status: False.  I purchased a large house with the help of an investor who owns 60% of the house.  When we sell, we each get our share.  I consider it a huge gift but technically we weren't given anything, all the money the investor spends on the mortgage will be returned upon sale of the home.


Rumor 3: Brian Sapient decided to leave Rational Response Squad but not tell anyone because he was still making money on it.

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Heard a rumor about the RRS? Don't know if you like it here?

I just read this quote from Natural posted on our Atheist Nexus group page and found it to be one of the best summations of the "I hate you RRS" effect that I've seen over the years...

Natural wrote:

Just a warning to anyone reading this who's not familiar with the RRS forums: A lot of people have the wrong impression about RRS, based on rumors and haters, but if you go in with an open mind -- instead of assuming you know what it's all about -- then we are very welcoming of anyone willing to discuss anything with intellectual honesty. Some of our long-time members are people we strongly disagree with, but get along with just fine because they are honest to us and themselves. On the other hand, if you start making claims and accusations with nothing to back it up, we will challenge you unrelentingly. A lot of people can't handle this, and hence we get a lot of haters spreading rumors.


Oh, ironically the reason I noticed the quote was because I was going to look at the new group Natural formed.  Here is the information on his wonderism group. I didn't have an account on nexus, and I still don't.  So if you're looking for me there, you'll be looking for a while.





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I win the battle on whether we should use the term atheist to describe ourselves


There has been a battle amongst non-believers, non-theists, secularists, brights, humanists, atheists, non-religious, agnostics, skeptics, and the non-religious for quite some time in this country.  How many different names was that to describe someone that almost always is without a belief in a god?  I probably missed a few, in fact feel free to mention them and I'll add them in.  The battle is a pointless one that only serves to divide us, disparage us, and hurt us.  Instead of one minority, we are now 10 smaller minorities with less power. Anyone avoiding usage of the word atheist is allowing the theist to win.

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Donations requested, please.

Hey folks, as you know the core leadership of RRS was rather inactive for the first half of 2009, this was due to various factors including several that are personal, however the recession took it's toll as early as the beginning of 2008.  A bunch of folks who were donors and subscribers wrote to us with apologies after they lost their job, or their wives lost their jobs, or something recessionary in nature happened to them presenting a situation in which they had to withdraw their funding of our efforts.  This story was echoed by the SSA who was on the verge of disappearing this year as a result of the hard times, and has raised over $90,000 in two months.  I've been working as many hours as possible in the real world for over a year now to reduce the fundraising burden in order to keep this site afloat.  While I seemed absent on an activist level my time away from the limelight was designed to preserve RRS.  

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The Rational Response Squad disclaimer (audio)

Darth Josh told me last night how the radio disclaimer is one of his favorite sound bites in RRS history, and I'm inclined to agree with him.  For those that don't know the technicals on it... it's my voice sped up 1.5 times. 

So here's a little slice of RRS history, a download for the disclaimer that was played on our show.  Enjoy!  

You can still hear a bunch of free archived material here.






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Happy Birthday Carl Sagan

I miss you Carl...

Pale Blue Dot



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The protein powder complex carbohydrate cookies...

A brief story and a nutritious cookie recipe...

Some of you are already aware I've been dieting and eating an entirely different batch of foods in the last 3 months.  I'm eating foods that are high in protein, low in fat, and have a higher level of complex carbs vs. simple carbs.  I've been hesitant to blog about this as it obviously has nothing to do with my typical area of expertise, but I want this blog to cover some other areas of my life, and I plan to post recipes and diet/bodybuilding related things from time to time.  One of the new items in my diet is protein powder supplements.  I've tried a few different brands to see which flavor I like the most...

I bought the two huge jugs, Muscle Milk light and Evopro only after sampling them, I found them to be the most tasty so far.  The folks on facebook mentioned ON Standard but I was looking for lactose free, so keep that in mind if you get the urge to recommend your favorite powder.

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Well I'll never watch the Simpsons again...

 Thanks to David Silverman for bringing this to my attention, I'm united with him on a boycott of Tom Cruise movies and now The Simpsons. Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) is promoting Scientology.


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Jon Stewart pulls off the funniest impression ever

On Thursday nights Daily Show Jon Stewart fell into the funniest impression I've ever seen him pull off, an attack or parody if you will of the ridiculous Glenn Beck...


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Nidal Malik Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" before shooting soldiers at Fort Hood

Religion creates another atrocity, god is great, eh?  Listen Muslims and Christians... stop the fighting.  You're both wrong, it's time to act like rational grown-ups and throw off your archaic belief system, you are destroying civilization, and will continue to do so until we're gone.  Abandon your superstitous nonsense, and evolve already!  Ask yourself, what solid proof do you have to believe in your God.  If what you have is a holy book, remind yourself that hundreds of holy books exist for hundreds of gods, and you don't believe in any of them, so obviously a holy book is not sufficient proof.  Throw off your superstitious nonsense, and embrace things you know exist like humans for example.  Make no mistake, today millions of folks around the world who have no belief in a god are sad for the people who were affected by this needless loss of life, just as we've been sad about all the other atrocities committed in the name of religion throughout the ages.  Our thoughts are with the billions who have been negatively affected by religion since the dawn of time, and always are.  In fact my life is dedicated to ensuring these sorts of things don't continue to happen, you can start by breaking the cycle... throw religion off today!  

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