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I’ve learned a random life tip that has helped me a bit last month. My father in fact sent me an e-mail explaining his epiphany. He said that he had just learned that if you compliment someone when meeting them, they are more likely to like you. We both realize that the compliment should be genuine. 

Since he has given me the advice I have had many opportunities to utilize the tip. Using it at first felt a little foreign to me. That personality trait wouldn’t typically come up in my line of work as I would have typically felt the need to maintain a more professional and business oriented relationship with the people I deal with.    I have complimented around a dozen people in the last month and have had positive relationships each time. I had someone compliment me on Sunday and I could feel the effects of the compliment drug instantly. I’ll wait for a scientist to post an endorphin related explanation. I went from being cautious in a time interaction with someone to liking them in a matter of moments.   

The point? Complimenting people when you first meet them sounds like a good idea, if you mean it. It might not be in your personality type, but maybe it should be. If we all embraced these more positive qualities of humanity, and extend it to acts of service and goodwill we are more likely to have a positive future. 

9-11 Never Forget

I will never forget that religion caused 9-11.

I will never forget the mentally incompetent people who thought a cross was formed in the rubble.

I will never forget the clueless people who stated "God Bless America" after Allah apparently put Jesus in a choke hold.

I will never forget the Christian President who thought he was on a mission from God, and that he is responsible for over 200,000 deaths.  I will never forget he was well liked by other Christian folks.

I will never forget 9-11 as a day that shows just how much religion must be gone.

I will never forget that 9-11 was a day that made religious people more religious, and just how brainwashed those people must be to come to that conclusion.

I will never forget that 9-11 marks a day in which I recognized how much a good human must speak up against religion for the good of society.

I'm not a Godsend

 I had to go to the post office this morning to pick up a package.  It was a replacement golf shaft and it came in a tall narrow box the size you'd expect of a golf club.  As I was walking out of the post office an older lady saw me and asked "where did you get that box?"  I said "I just picked this item up, the box was mailed to me."  She said "Oh, because I've been looking for a box like that for a while.  I have a very large poster that I need to send and I can't find a box to mail it in."  I had wanted to keep this box as I need to send my old shaft back to the company that mailed me the new one, however I have access to this type of box, I can get one for free whenever I want.  It took me a second to react and as she was walking away I called her back.

I said "hold on a second."  I opened the package and put the shaft in my trunk, and I handed her the box.  She said "oh thank you so much, aren't you just a Godsend."  I said "I don't believe I am, I don't believe in God and I do good deeds on my own volition, because if we all do good deeds for each other I will receive good deeds back from others.  I'm glad I was able to help you."  She smiled and walked away.  

It was a good start to the day.


Logidea University makes a video with some of my accomplishments...

 Thanks very much to Logidea University for the nice video about my work, I appreciate it:



Read my acceptance of the PhD in Heresy here.  (you can get one for yourself)


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My comment to Pastor Bill Randles about Blasphemy Challenge

I just posted a comment in response to a blog post that discussed new atheists and the Blasphemy Challenge. (I still encourage creating Blasphemy Challenge videos)


Here is what I had to say...


We are not assaulting children and the naive.  We are trying to help them escape their fear.  You would have people believe there is an eternal torture that awaits them if they don't believe and think certain things.  Those things are not proven or provable in any meaningful sense... yet millions believe due in large part to fear.  You may not think much of the fear of hell today, but as a child it is essential to the brainwashing of almost all Christians.  


So sir, for you to use language claiming it is atheists who are "assaulting" others, is highly ironic considering you are using more fear tactics to scare someone back into faith.  We are doing this for you, or anyone who was brainwashed by religion... not because we're into Satan or assaulting people.  Watch some Blasphemy Challenge videos and you'll see just what kind of people took the challenge, the point was to show off how normal atheists are, we're not a group of devil worshipping baby eating child assaulters as you and your ilk would like to scare Christians into thinking.


In Reason,


Brian Sapient


I received an Honorary PhD in Heresy!

Thanks to for awarding me an Honorary PhD in Heresy.  I am fueled today by the excellent write up that went along with the award.  Check it out at the site here.

Here's a snippet...



Brian Sapient is a self-described:

"Pacifist agnostic atheist non-cognitivist freethinking darwin loving scientific treehugger who loves Philly Sports. Proudly led thousands away from religion!"

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Twitter debate I had with Philadelphia Eagles DT Jeff Owens

*UPDATE 7-29-11*   Jeff Owens was released from the Philadelphia Eagles today.  I don't think he ever got playing time.  Today he was waived/didn't pass physical.  I sent him a tweet, but feel bad for him.!/rationalsquad/status/96794836602068992





Please help an atheist family in need...

You may remember "Rapture Right " a Christian parody group that has pranked RRS users (at my request) on several occasions.  Sadly one of the two brothers that make up "Rapture Right" had a tragedy strike his daughter recently.  His life hasn't been the same since.  His daughter Ella is currently in a coma which she slipped into after having a cancerous tumor removed from her brain.  If you are able to help financially please consider sending a few dollars to help out.  A full story is available at: 

I've also posted a portion of the story at: 



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