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Christianity isn't Irrational

I thought it prudent to make a comment concerning the continued discussion of the supposed irrationality of Christianity, especially as there is soon to be a broadcast about it. The title of this entry is an oversimplification, created on purpose to catch interest, for the topic in question has far more horrific entailments than basic irrationality.

In discussing the claims of Christianity, one must keep in mind the type of idea being discussed, as, though many might dispute this, not all ideas are the same. To put it another way, some ideas are by definition axiomatic and as such are not capable of being rationally discussed. Now, this is not to say that the claims of Christianity are axiomatic, despite the notable claims of philosophers/apologists Carl F.H. Henry and Gordon Clark. Rather, this simply points out that the ideas of Christianity are far different than those of evolution, general relativity, laissez-faire capitalism, marxism, and psychoanalysis, to name a few.

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