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Meeting Richard Dawkins

I don’t know if I am going to explain this very well, because, for me to have the opportunity to meet Prof. Dawkins is probably the greatest experience of my life (next to the birth of my daughter), and consequently hard to put into mere words.
But here goes, first with a little history:
About a month or so ago, Sapient and I were discussing show topics and guests, as we usually do on a weekly basis, and we were throwing around potential guests to each other for the show. (not literally, although there are some Christians that might qualify) Now, I being a recent addition to the show, (and I use that term loosely), generally defer to Sapient when it comes to ideas and guests for the show, for a number of reasons, but mainly because in reality, he actually does 99% of the work for the Rational Response Squad. I think most would agree that his vision has guided this project in ways unimaginable, and so, kiddingly, but with all respect, I think of him as my mentor, my “boss”, and the well deserved leader of the Rational Response Squad. That is not intended to take anything away from the other co-hosts, for I have a deep respect for the accomplishments of Yellow No. 5, Rook Hawkins, and KellyM78. All of which add their own flair and intellectual insight to the Squad. I’m just there as ‘eye candy’, although Kelly seems to get all the attention in that regard.

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Letter to Richard Dawkins

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

My name is Richard ********** [Razorcade to RRS readers]. I am a great admirer of your work, and have read many of your books. You have inspired me more than any other author, and have given me direction for the first time in my life. In particular, the letter to your daughter in ‘A Devil’s Chaplain’, touched me deeply and helped me to construct a similar letter to my daughter after a difficult situation arose within my family.

The reason for my letter is that I am currently a co-host of an Internet Radio Program, called The Rational Response Squad, and we are committed to fighting irrationalities all over the world. We currently have an affiliation with The Infidel Guy, a show in which you recently appeared. Our show airs directly after his and we have a long standing relationship together. Additionally, we have worked closely with Sam Harris, Brian Flemming, and Richard Carrier, and represent the fastest growing atheist community on the internet. I think it is possible that our group symbolizes your goals more so than any other on the Net. We have been greatly received by the public, as they have responded positively to our style of politeness while openly calling religion irrational, successfully accomplishing this task on a program also attached to many activist projects. You can get an idea of just how successful we’ve been by looking at our myspace profile at: http://www.myspace.com/rationalresponse

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Something that fell out of my head...

"Man's capacity for delusion is infinite, however, it is certainly preventable." ~Razor

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