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Horrible journalism

I originally wasn't going to say any thing about the article I had saw on the NY Daily News, which is in my opinion a "rag" of a source of news.

The article is horrible because it is written in a format which leads people to the conclusion that "these possessions are real" and that "look at all these people who support the story because they never say anything negative about the demons".

Honestly? Do we still need to have this bullshit supported? Is it that slow of a news week that a reporter has no moral value left in them to post this shit?


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10,000 posts

I can't believe this is my 10,000+ post. When I joined RRS back in 2007 I wouldn't have believed I would hang around here as long as I have; but here it is.

I never took the blasphmey challenge because I had done it so many times within my circle of family and friends. Even on private occasions I did it in many different forms. I didn't see a need for it again publically, though I am sure located in one of my 10,000 posts there is a comment or two saying the same thing.

As I look at the RRS extras, I see Brian sitting up there all alone with over 50,000+ posts. I'll just leave that item alone. I've said enough, but kudos to him for contributing so much to this site.

Atheism has grown so much since I first rejected all gods and creators, from all religions. I remember back in the 90's when I was in college. I was taking several classes which really focused on the history of religions. I think I told this story previously, but back then I defended my fellow students against a militiant professor who turned out to be a complete tool.

In the end, even though I ACED the final exam he gave me a C. I should have had an A, but the fucker wanted to try and put me in my place. I tracked him down after one of my classes and he threatened me. I wish I knew the fuckers name today. I think it would be interesting to see what happened to him.

Anyway, I'm off the subject.

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Amanda Knox and Italy

#1 - The Italian justice system is fucked up worse than our justice system.

#2 - The information I have reviewed leads me to believe that the Rudy Guede is a low life criminal who has a record of breaking-in, using a knife and had his DNA, prints and more found at the site of the murder. He even admitted to the murder, first saying a stranger had committed it, then changing his story to say he did it, then including Amanda and Raffaele Sollecito did it.


Really. The Italian courts can't figure this shit out? Are they completely fucked as a country? Are the toxic wastes being dumped by the mafia causing them to be completely void of any rational thinking?

As of today their courts ruled that Amanda and Raffaele were guilty of the murder, but they already have the murderer incarcerated.

I'm baffled that this is even happening.

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I'm sick of death

I'm up late tonight as one of my favorite dogs is getting ready to pass. He was doing really well for the last few months then about three weeks ago it all started south for him.

In dog years he is almost 14, 98 human years old. He has heart problems, tumors, voice box issues and a problem with his hips. We have him on meds hoping he could make it to Thanksgiving when my sister in law would be home from out of the country. She helped raise him from a pup so it's kind of important for us that she is here.

The weird thing is that you'd never know he was sick by looking at him. If he moves around too much you can see he is out of breath, so most of the time he just lays down. When it is time to eat he has a full appetite and looks for more when he is done. He also drinks water, poops and pees normal.

It sucks... death that is... but when I think about it I wouldn't want to live forever. These thoughts of being like a vampire and living for a 1,000 years is like worse than death. I don't think I would want to live more than 100 years if I was unlucky enough to live that long.

Either way, if his situation worsens I'll need to put him down humanely.

Which still makes me wonder. Why are we humanely putting down dogs? but forcing humans to suffer? Doctor assisted suicide is humane and should be legal in every state. Is it the same delusion we have to believe in a god as it is to let our loved ones to suffer?


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No more cable television

For roughly six or seven years now I've talked about getting rid of cable television.

At first, I dumped cable and went to DirectTV. This worked for a while and then I got tired of DirectTV's bullshit hidden charges and their schemes to trick you in to added programming with out your permission. I found myself having to review the monthly bills for crap I didn't order.

Then I tried PrismTV but they don't have it in my neighborhood which ended up being a bad thing for my local phone company because I told them to go fuck off. They switched my phone service from $13 a month to $32 a month when I didn't even ask for it.

We had just 911 service and they put me on their new plan even after I told the asshole on the phone "I can't get Prism here because the engineer said I can't; so no, I don't want to switch. Do not switch me".

So the end came when I had switched back to cable and my bill was $185 (internet and tv). I realized that by having 1,000 channels of complete shit was being supported by me (and every one else). No one actually watches most of these loser shows and my money was going to support them even though I didn't watch them.

Today I now have ROKU which I can say is awesome, even though I don't have ESPN or some other channels. I instead have my computer to give me all my sports updates and I can watch highlights later if needed.

Now I'm paying $63 a month, not forgetting the $99 a spent for the box.

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what non gun supporters fear

You can Google the name Gregory Chad Wallin-Reed to understand my post.  There are too many articles concerning this case. 

But I think this case, while the extreme, is what I fear more than gun carrying drug pushing douches.

I know where those assholes are and I don't go in their neighborhood. They don't come in mine. 

It is these paranoid, gun holding, white, American Patriots who lie and cheat after shooting at people who,  while doing a stupid stunt, didn't deserve to be chased by the nut sack who I hope will serve the next 50 years behind bars.

My fear is that people like this will shoot me or my family just because their opinions differ from my own. 



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Funerals: evidence from the human mind

I went to a funeral yesterday. It was a very sad experience and I cried when my friend got up to speak about her son.

He was her first born. He was twenty years old and just getting his life started.

I didn't know him. I had only met him a few times. He was a nice guy. Some one who you'd like to hang around because he was quiet and gentle.

Seeing how his passing had an effect on the two hundred and fifty people who showed up I suspect that my impressions of him were correct.

There was a lot of crying going on. A lot of sad people.


When loved-ones leave we are sad. I've seen in extreme cases, military people leave their families behind and there is a lot of crying. People don't like to see their most loved, most cherished friends and family leave.

In most cases they know that they will return eventually and they might think that, in cases of war, that they might not return.

Therefore the level of sadness/tears are more intense.


If a person dies, those people who loved and cherished them the most will cry. Their crying is very intense, which shows the level of their sadness.

They know, deep inside their mind, that this person is gone. They know that there is zero percent that they will return.

Over time, the further away we are away from that moment of death, the level of sadness/crying lessens. Over time it will, in almost all cases, stop completely.

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Constantine: The Series

I didn't hate this movie but it isn't one of my favorites. The main reason why I tolerated it was because it was more of a "mythical" story line (it came from the DC comic realm).

I'm not sure if they could make a series using the same storyline and make it good. So many shows today are ridiculous (see Agents of Shield) or (Falling Skies) for examples.

I just can't see a half hour show and if they don't make it an hour long it will totally fail after the first season. Either way, the subject matter might keep it afloat for more than four seasons.


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Amazing this guy is a professor?

This is one of the dumbest things I've seen from people who don't follow cultures with an open mind. They take a small section of the culture and then say, "Islam spawns terrorists".


There are 2 billion muslims in the world but only a few thousand extremists taking up arms against america and their allies. I think that makes up, what?, .000001% of 2 billion?

Pretty crazy to say Islam is a religion of hate when you could come up with a lot more "christian" soldiers with the same extremist attitude.,0,1956416.story


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Enough evidence?

Over the past couple of weeks I've had discussions with people who are completely lacking in any common sense. They have told me that George Zimmerman committed murder but that there wasn't enough evidence to convict him.


Now you have this woman coming out talking about being a juror and how she owes an apology to Trayvon's family. She says that Zimmerman committed murder but that there wasn't enough evidence to convict him.


There was enough evidence for you to come to a conclusion that he didn't act in self defense but you didn't have enough evidence to convict him for??? She also said the case shouldn't have gone to trial. HUH?

It doesn't get any dumber than this people. Pure stupidity.



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