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Growing up as a Seventh Day Adventist

A brief history:

My dad who was a great thinker, saw himself as agnostic (the term atheist was probably too radical for him) and taught Math and Science so that even kids considered "stupid" passed their matric with flying colors on the higher level; got suckered into the SDA church when he questioned my baby baptism (my Gran wanted him to be an Anglican priest).

He bought into the whole belief system, based on his (correct) understanding that babies can't make decisions, opting for a dedication without questioning that it was essentially the same thing.

The SDA movement convinced him to leave his job as a well paid researcher for a local rubber manufacturing company and work for the church as a teacher. The pay was below minimal wage and the hours excessive. We didn't have a family life as the boarders became his first priority.

To say we were dirt poor is an understatement. However, he religiously paid a tithe (10%) as well as a sacrifice (additional 10%) of income to the church, after taxes. Somewhere along the line my mom was moved by the message to put all her jewelery into the collection plate, including her engagement ring which had cost my dad many months' salary before they joined this cult.

I grew up as a god-fearing child. Literally. I completely believed god was watching my every move, especially with regard to keeping the sabbath ... from Friday night sunset to Saturday sunset had to be the longest day of the year, every week. 

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