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Secular education vs. religious education

                I recently watched Richard Dawkins on The Big Debate on The subject was on religious education in Britain’s Schools. I can speak from personal experience on the issue first hand. I want to give a little background on myself, so you understand where I’m coming from as an Atheist on these views. I have and always seen myself as an Atheist. In Dawkin’s ‘The God delusion’ he lists 7 possibly categories one considers themselves to belong to. He states that you wouldn’t find too many in the 7 category, but I believe I fall into that category. Meaning I have never believed in anyway shape or form in a higher being or supernatural order  at work, no question, absolutely no agnosticism. I always questioned religion, even at a young age. From the moment I could speak, I always questioned, inquired and severely dismissed as fairy tales.

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