Atheism does NOT equal conversion. Leave that to theists.

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Let's get one thing straight.  One fucking thing straight right fucking now.  The disbelievers of God are not congruent with those that believe in God.  It's incredibly simple to understand this.  


Atheists do not have churchs/mosques/temples/etc. where believers go and bring friends and family to further strengthen religious bonds among everyone; the doubtful, the unsure, the frail or sickly in search of hope and those too young to fully grasp the gravity of the situation they're being exposed to.  We have organizations that are usually privately funded and are, by and large, underground.  Atheist "meetings," if you could call it that, usually consist of small talk about atheism on closed circuit radio (hardly ever TV unless it's a theist/atheist debate that gets recorded by some organization sponsoring it), speeches about books somewhat notorious atheists have written from research that they've compiled or seminars involving not just atheists, but theists as well so, we don't have our own exclusive club houses because we believe that the entire world is our fucking podium for free speech minus the rhetoric and that everyone can listen in.


Some atheists might talk a lot and get way too technical and "textbook" (*cough* Richard Carrier! *cough*), but we speak from experience, what we've learned, what is true from years of research and true atheists don't sugar coat anything; we're up front and get down to business.  Theists, on the other hand, well, God is great, God is the essence of everything, believe in Him, humble yourself or burn, blah blah blah.  Of course, not every sermon or scripture reading is like this, but every pastor, preacher, minister or any holy voice of the divine has one agenda; to build a flock and lead people blindly by keeping them under the guise of deceit and false promises.


Our aim as atheists is to spread knowledge and religion just doesn't do that.  Every major religion on the planet preaches that you should be kind to everyone, but there is always a snag in that plan, but with atheism, you treat others the same as you would want to be treated.  No hidden costs.  Atheists don't speak to gain divine favor or look to appease anyone's sense of being; we speak because we like discussing what we know to be 99.9% correct or mostly accurate.   Sure, we might believe that God doesn't exist, but our reasoning is derived from fact finding and science, not faith. 


We only speak on what everyone else in the world should know; we simply reaffirm.  Anything beyond the simple scope of basic understanding is achieved from making our own discoveries that follows no beliefs.  I end by stating that atheism is NOT a conversion; it is an education.  It is the gradual self-process of the elimination of naitivity and ignorance.  The rest, as they say, is history.

"When the majority believes in what is false, the truth becomes a quest." - Me