As far as I know, I'm not actually Satan

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Because of this, and the obvious idiocy that plagues a large base of listeners from I am pulling our ad there for good. Initially, I thought some of the conspiracy theory crowd would enjoy a good "religion is bullshit and takes over the world" conspiracy. I do not, however, wish to bring in people who are this crazy...


Yup, that's right. Apparently I'm the anti-Christ. ROAR!!! Back up biatches, here comes Satan! This would account for the weird demon static heard only during my portion of an interview with Alison Bates on the SSA podcast... always wondered if I was chanelling a demon or something. Anywho...Satan's got important work to do now, gotta run.

P.S. To the person who goes by the name "Sapientwatch" on youtube... SEEK MENTAL HELP.

- Brian Sapient

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bump and track

bump and track

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Aw, nuts.  My exposé on

Aw, nuts.  My exposé on the evil nature of parrots got erased.  Bummer. Sad

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Wow, Sapient... I just

Wow, Sapient...

I just didn't realize that you had such a big agenda. If you really want your "followers" (I'm sure we all respect you here, I just didn't realize we were your followers) to believe all of that crap, surely you should start talking about it, putting home implant kits in your shop and arming us with lazer cannons. I really think that seeing that this is the first we have heard of your agenda you just aren't being clear enough.

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Holy Shit! Followers? It's

Holy Shit! Followers? Laughing

It's kind of disturbing too. Someone that crazy has access to, and knows how to use, video making technology. I'd think it was a joke but I'm a fan of conspiracies and I've read and seen all kinds of whacky stuff. This is right up there with holograms hitting the twin towers instead of the jets.

There are also some that believe that Alex Jones himself is a tool of the CIA. 

Welcome to the big time Sapient! Watch your back. Stay safe!

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I love the way

I love the way people 'piece' stuff together to fit their agenda or their beliefs. This Sapientwatch is obviously disturbed....can you imagine this persons excitement after reading years of conspiracy theories regarding end times and microchips... then he or she stumbles upon your name and OH MY to find that you are atheist? I can only imagine his or her feeling of accomplishment...

"it has finally all come together!" "this is a Sign!.....I must make a video that best represents my understanding of the connections. Brian Sapient IS the anti-christ"


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Sooo... Jesus is Christ The


Jesus is Christ

The anti-Christ is the opposite of Christ

Brian Sapient is the anti-Christ.

Brian Sapient exists.

Non-existant is the opposite of exists.

If the anti-Christs exists then Jesus must be non-existant.


Good job Sapient! 

Wow...Brian Sapient as the

Wow...Brian Sapient as the Antichrist.


I had no idea that I'd be able to send a post to somebody so...uh...famous.


I'd just like to know...when, exactly, do plan to start ruling the world?  Oh, and is Rook the False Prophet?




"Faith does not fear reason."--Pope Pius XII

"But it should!"--Me

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Conor Wilson wrote: I had

Conor Wilson wrote:

I had no idea that I'd be able to send a post to somebody so...uh...famous.

Even better... he responded!  



- Brian Sapient

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