AAI Videos, Dawkins, Downey, our Youtube

It's been a hectic morning, as usual. Jake is in town and we've spent several hours brainstorming and picking ourselves apart to become better at what we do. Our conversation has been stopped a few times to help handle a "situation" with videos that were posted on our RationalResponse Youtube Channel. The videos were removed at first due to the AAI videos that will be coming out for sale next month. I believe RDF was also licensed to make a dvd, and AAI didn't expect so much material to get onto youtube. So AAI asked for RDF who uses our youtube account to upload videos to pull the videos. They complied swiftly.

Throughout the morning there was a buzz around the whole issue. Everyone was working hard to create a situation in which all could be happy. Due to a situation which I am not at liberty to explain yet, and will update this thread when I can, the videos are going back on our youtube account. Everyone involved has done a great job rectifying the issue. Kudos to Margaret and Richard.

Follow our youtube channel to see them all: RationalResponse Youtube Channel.

Home page of Richard Dawkins is updating the info on this.

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