13 lunar months

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There are 13 lunar months in one solar year on earth. Yet our calender was fixed to work out of 12. Why?

The reason for this is the same reason that all savior-hero christ figures have 12 disciples. It all comes from Babylonian cosmology and the 12 signs of the Babylonian zodiac. The Christ of the Christian bible, as well as every Christ in every culture around the world that I know of, has 1 disciple for every sign of the zodiac. When our calender was initiated, it was decided to accept a model that worked out the same way, accepting one month for every sign of the zodiac.

Perhaps it is time to work towards a more sensible calender framework, but I fear that it is much to late for that. Thus, we are stuck in senselessness.

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I think is kind of thing is

I think is kind of thing is like the thing with our years. I mean why do we use the idea of jesus as a reference point for time?


Well, it's not exactly 13, it's more like 12 and a half. If you really want to make it precise, we'd have to have a crazy non-integer number of months.

Also, 12's a much easier number to work with than 13. Nice and even, lots of factors. It's easy to have half-years or quarter-years in terms of number of months. That's probably why the number 12 comes up so often even though there are about 13 lunar months and 13 zodiac signs (Ophiuchus is the other one). Basing everything around 13s creates unnecessary annoyance just to make the Moon slightly happier.

If the calendar does get changed, it should get changed so that the year changes at the winter solstice and midsummer is at the middle of the year.