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It's been that long since I've put anything in this blog thingy. I really don't do journal-type things very well, do I? However, there has been a lot going on in that time. Rather than recite ten months worth of updates that won't matter since no-one who reads this will know who I am anyway, I'll just give the basics and the latest.

I was out of work for close to four years. I never really had what I'd call a regular job - at least not one that went year 'round. I am a musician, so I used to do a lot of musical theater - playing shows or musically directing them. I often did jobs in churches, either singing or playing piano. About a year ago, I got a regular full-time position in a department store, selling shirts and ties. It pays minimum wage, but it's regular and there are benefits provided.

About a month or so ago, I mentioned to my doctor that I hav noticed what he refers to as Hematospermia. I actually noticed it about a year and a half ago, but I attributed it to the removal of a catheter after my surgery and the fact that I was on a buttload of blood thinners. The doctor ordered some blood work, and gave me a referral to a urologist. The urologist ordered (probably the same) bloodwork as well as a CT-scan (urogram.) I got the cat scan on my 50th birthday.

I should mention that about a year and a half ago my surgeon told me that in 2 or three years I would probably need to have a second mechanical valve put in my heart, this time on the right side (making two.)

When I got home from the cat scan, the urologist called. He said they hadn't gotten the results yet, but that he'd received a call from the technician who was reading my images, who'd seen something interesting, but unrelated. Then the doctor proceeded to explain to me what an aorta was, and a dissection. He told me I had an aortic dissection. He was surprised when I said, "What? Again !?!?!" I had to explain to him that I had an aortic dissection in January 2010, the helicopter ride to UPenn, the 9 hours of surgery and the mechanical valve. So... I need to bring all my old papers and an old cat-scan for him to compare. We aren't sure if the technician had seen the old dissection or a new one. I guess I'll find out on thursday.

In other news, my sister-in-law is in hospice dying of ovarian cancer. I doubt I'll be able to get to the funeral in Florida, but I will be able to visit my brother later in the year.

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Sad. I hope everything goes

Sad. I hope everything goes as well as it can.
Welcome back.

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Sorry to hear about that

Sorry to hear about all that you are going through. Hope things take a turn for the better.

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You thought that was sad?

 My sister-in-law died on October 13, and on the 16th I flew down to Florida for the funeral. 

On the 17th & 18th, I slept all day on my brother's floor, sick. On the 18th, they brought me in to the hospital. I missed the funeral completely. At the hospital, I was told that I was septic - I'd a staph infection. That is just about the last thing I remember clearly until a few days before Thanksgiving. Apparently, the infection damaged my mechanical valve, so they needed to chopper me to another hospital (6 hours away by car) for emergency heart surgery. (sound familiar?) They removed my spleen at the first hospital, but at the second they replaced my mechanical valve with an organic one, and did some repairs to my heart wall. 

They finally released me from the second hospital on 23 December, but my family was unable to arrange for my transport at Christmas on such short notice, so they put me in a nursing home/rehab for a week. I finally flew back north on 29 December. I am currently stuck at a sister's house for a while. 

So... for 2 months I had no conscious contact with any family or friends, and no online, or even telephone contact, either. There were some visits during the early part of my Florida trip but, being sedated, I don't remember any of them clearly, or at all.